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Imperfect Index of OM and MQ

The Law of Fives
Scroll to end for links to all of the editions of Maybe Quarterly, and their contents in context.

This Index has not had an update for about a year, but the content has otherwise received updates since 2005...

8-Circuit Model (see also Leary, Tim, Alli, Antero & RAW)
*Metachor’s Map*****Work-in-Progress*****Angel Tech*****Online 8-Circuit material* *Tetra Texne*

Alli, Antero
*Angel Tech*****Behind the Green Door*****Angel Tech review*

*13 Names of God****
*Maybe-Safari #213*
****Surprising Information?*

*Autumn Equinox*

Audio Books
Ken Campbell Audio book of Illuminatus!
*Audio Illuminatus*

Blogger changed
* OM update*

Bobby’s Art (see also Madison Underground Press)
*Welcome to Maybe Land*******Maybe-Land:Al spits Game*****Maybe-Land: Monster Mash!*****Maybe-Land: Wolf Man's Night Out*****James Joyce Illustrated*******Prodigal Sun*****3 degrees, 7 steps*******Okey Dokey*****more Okey-Dokey (still falling)*****Crowley's Cat MQ1*******Cover Art MQ 2/2*****History Plurality MQ4*****Autumnal Angel*****The Fool*******A Magician*******The High Priestess*****An Empress*****MQ5 Cover Art***** Albert & the Horus Aeon!*****Let's Dream Awake***** Rich V Wealth ****Initiation and The Third Degree*(images)**** Falling on Deaf Ears(images)*(but see also)*Okey-Dokey art by Marcelino Balao III*****Quantum Psychology cutups*****8 dimensions of mind cutups*****Chaos Magics!*****Lunar Satva*****Nagarjuna's Claim*****Onboard Hagbard's Sub*****invisible boy*****FW again p 38*****Popes and Jesuits*****Mr Ginsburg*****FW page 68*****FW page 137*****Pound's Paradise*****Joseph Campbell*
*Hitler loves Black Jesus*****Museyroom Monkies* *FW - Pg 309, 12/04/06 *Orgone Therapy and Cancer *Dalryada *SIMON SAYS & IAM DOES. *Dove Sta Memoria *In Trixine #23 ** As I Recall* **Destiny Race of Light* **APL Broadcasting Live* **Quantum Introception Now* ** Marvellous Epic **Inundation of the Nile* **Hondo's Big Sister* ** Big Justice* ** Don’t Sleep On Your Moon* **James Joyce and FW* **RAW Tarot etc* **Coming Round Again (images)* **You Can't Fool Cosmic Computer* **James Joyce***Broad Strokes* **Tetra Texne* **Cough It Up* **The State Of the Art* **The Living One***Ms Cleo***Maybe's Taco Truck***Bob Allah vs George W Bush***Random Joyce sketch.html*

*Believe That, and you'll Believe Anything****
*Initiation and The Third Degree* (words)***
* Falling on Deaf Ears (words) **** I Wouldn't Want to Play Cards with Him* ****Indian Rope Trick*****Always Assuming*****God-free Zone*****Bearded magicians*****Macguffin and The Holy Grail*****Vico's (the student bar)* *Bogus MLA Courses* *Deception Detection*
* The Mind Playing Tricks On Itself* *A Way With Words*
*Hilaritas, Surrealism and Duchamp* *A Mystery to Me* *Giving Cynicism a Bad Name*
*Trip/Trap - Duchamp and Cage*
*Coming Round Again (words)*
*What Rough Magic*

*The Power of Flow*
*Towards a Maybe sign language nutation*
*RAW materials mixed in Paris*

Bucky Fuller
*You Can’t Fool Cosmic Computer*

Buddha with a view

*Nagarjuna's Claim*****Godfrey Zone*
*A Way with Words*

Calendars and Festivals
*Solstice Merrymeet*****Equinoctal Greetings*****Year 5766***** Multiple calendars* ****December Solstice 2005 (Winter in the North)*****Old’s Cool ****Spring Equinox 2006*****Bloomsday*****Summer Solstice 06*****Only Maybe anniversary*
*Not Dark Yet*
* Moon Phases and astrology*
* Equinox*
*Summer Solstice 07*

Campbell, Joseph
*Spherical God*

*Metachor’s Map*

Chance (see also Cut-Ups)
*Marcel Duchamp and John Cage*

*Chaos Magic with Pete Carroll*****Chaos Magics!*

Crowley, Aleister (see also Magick, Thelema)
*Comic Strip*

*Quantum Psychology*****Acrillic cutting up*****8 Dom cutups*

Dave Sheridan
*A Painter Ponders*

*All Hail Discordia!*


*Glass Cockpit*

Drugs (see also Shrooms, etc)
*Good for you*
*Things to Say before you Die*

* Karmic Economics: Pure Capitalism*****RAW deal:patatows available on eBay*

*Elementary initiations*

*A powerful exercise*****Old’s Cool *
Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

Eris (see also Discordians)
*Oh My Eris!*
*Dwarf Planet Eris*

Euro Meetup
* Borsky’s Impressions of the 3rd MLA Euro Meetup*
*3rd MLA Euro Meetup 2007 – Bogus’s version*

F For Fake
*F For Fake*

Finnegans Wake [see Joyce and Bobby and Fly Agaric23 and Bogus]

Fly Agaric23: Words, Music & Images (DJ Fly and Chu)
Untitled 1.0******2******Flyblog O'Crillic******Editorial MG4***** EKozmic Renaissance*******HipHop Culture* ****Acrillic Figa*******Acrillicka Lung playa*****Jesuspect Christereogram of freestyle***** Finnegans Wake as/i fly agaric *** weed killer by fly+chu *** woids lye by DJ fly+DJ Goat **** snare circle - movement II The fibonaccii project fly+Surrinder ****Lucifer*****Cut Ups*****Economics*****Shrooms*
*Fly Agaric23's book and music available*
*Amen Brother – Acrilliq*
*Conspiring all together*
* Fenollosa/Pound - Ideograms*
*Language of The Tribe*
* Inspired by the structural analysis in von Neumann and Morgenstern's Theory of Games and Economic Behaviour Mirror*
* Singularity minus Maybe Logic*
* FW cannabis seeds and a Rottweiler*
* Auto Remix: Custom Paint by Chu*
* MLA Paris 2008*
* Turntable Drumstick Stylus Drum Record*

Fools and Clowns
*Our Clown Act 1 Scene 1*

*Our Clown Act 1 Scene 2*

General Semantics
*Work-in-Progress*****Bacon's Idols*

*Haiku for Spring*
*5 Haikus for R.A.W. by Purple Gooroo*

Holy Grail
*Don't Ask!*
*A Mystery to Me*

Ideogrammic Method
*Haiku for spring*
*A Way with Words*
* Ideogramic Series 1 – Chinese Written Character*
* Fenollosa/Pound*
*Language of The Tribe*

believe that, and you'll believe anything
*Illuminatus Wiki*
*Illuminatus and meme-orial*

Information = Surprise

*The Third Degree*

Joyce, Jamesnear Joyce's Grave
*Scribbledehobble*****Illustrated Ulysses*****Ambigram (John Langdon ©)***** Falling on Deaf Ears (Vico)***** Finnegans Wake as/i fly agaric ****Bloomsday*****LetsDreamAWake*****invisible boy*****FW again p 38*****FW page 68*****FW page 137* *James Joyce and FW by Bobby*

Korzybski, Alfred (see also General Semantics; E-Prime)
*Reading Group / Science and Sanity*****Work-in-Progress****Neurologic Course, summer '06

Krassner , Paul
*Disneyland Memorial Orgy*****Further Weirdness with Terence McKenna*

Leary, TimothyMind Mirror
*Metachor’s Map*****Work-in-Progress*****Angel Tech*****Online 8-Circuit material*
*New Biog, by John Higgs*
Since Everything is An Apparition

*Lovecraftian Mind Tricks*

Madison Underground Press (see also Bobby)
MUP site

*Indian Rope Trick***** I Wouldn't Want to Play Cards with Him ****Why do small boys love magic as a hobby?"*

*Magick of Maybe***** Creation of the Magickal Motto *

Maybe Logic
*1*****DVD Review*

Maybe Logic Academy;
*You Have to Start Somewhere*****In-Crowd, In-Jokes & Gossip*****Ship of Fools***** SiteMeter and MLA news *
MLA courses 2007-02-06

Michael’s writings
*Hello and a poem*****All Is Truth****Thoughts are for thinking*****Letting Go****Biggest Organ*

Passing The Torch

*Prop and crew, music available online*

Mister Walk
*Oh My Eris!*****In Stephen's Eyes*

*Full Moon*****Lunar Satva*

*Bacon's Idols****Neurologic Course, summer '06****Neurologic postponed*

Oz Fritz
*All Around the World*

* Towards a 'patakabbal ******Priory of Sion - a Surrealist joke?*
*A Mystery to Me*

pd's poetry/music/art
*mind-spread- out*****meta-for-calli-evolutions-calling-upon*****I Used to Be***** Zen Recording Studio * ****been laughing a lot*****Only Maybe*
pd's (pd a.k.a. pft aka peaky freet) work appears and disappears and metamorphoses all the time - if you find any broken links, don't blame the indexer!

Pound, Ezra The Cantos
*Pound's Paradise*

Printing and Paper-making

Priory of Sion *A 'Pataphysical Joke?*
*A Mystery to Me*"

Psmith's poetry
* A Well Meant Fragment *

The Purple Gooroo
* We’re not in Kansas any more, Toto*
* I been Holy Modalled, I been Quetzlcoatl'd*
*Teo Macero & The Art Of The Cut-Up*

Qabala (see also Kabbala, QBL, etc)
*Metachor’s Map*****Towards a 'patakabbal*

Quantum Psychology

Happy Daze

RAW (see Wilson)
Neurologic Course, summer '06****RAW deal:patatows available on eBay*****RAW deal 2 (eBay)*
*Bob saved*
*"An hour of Bob video"*
Illuminated manuscripts
Good Jokes
His Serene Absence

RAW Tarot / a project to make a new deck
*The Fool*****A Magician*****The High Priestess*****An Empress*****Sacred Chao - the extra card for RAW* *RAW Tarot etc*

RAW Wake and Meme-orial
OM regrets...
Robert Anton Wilson Cosmic Meme-Orial
Sleepers! A wake!
Passing of the Torch
London Wake
RAW Wake in Philly
RAW Celebration and Levitation above Stourbridge
* London Wake update*
* Aftermath*
* Meme-orial afterlink*
*Furthur Events*
*complete RAW meme-orial online*
*Alan Moore at meme-orial - "And How Are You Tonight, Mr Wilson?"*

Reich, Wilhelm

RU Sirius
Ken Campbell Audio book of Illuminatus!

Secret Societies
*The most secret society*****Ordeals of initiation*****Priory of Sion*

Shaila Abdullah
*Amulet for the Caged Dove*

* You DONE fucked with The Order*
*R.I.P Post.gate*
*Three Totem Monkeys*
*A Proto-Chimeran Diatribe Against the Sexes*
* Mary Douglas and witchcraft*
*Albion:the Resurrection*

*Form Your Own Cult*
*Sub-Genius Alert*

*Solstice*****Prodigal Sun*
Enjoy the Solstice

*Dak's Set*

*Systemantics -Work in Progress*

Tale of the Tribe
*Tale of the Tribe*
*Tale of The Tribe (reprise)*
*Language of The Tribe*

*Zen Punkist*****the bogus theory*

*Why Trance*

Tribal by-products, co-ordinated by Borsky
* A MLA Primer V1.0*
* Work of the Tribe 001*


Wilson, Robert Anton (see also RAW)
*Bob-Maybe*****MQ1 Interview********Tale of the Tribe - before*****Tale of the Tribe - after*****Old’s Cool ****Bob on politics*

Zen Punkist
*Karmic Economics: Pure Capitalism*****Pygmy Hut Architecture*****Time*

Z'ev [check out Z'ev's other work at rhythmajik]
*Why Trance*

Links to the different issues of MQ (Maybe Quarterly)

Vol. 1 - Issue 1 / Winter Solstice 2004
Cover art by Nick Helwig-Larsen
Edited by Kentroversy
• MQ Mission Statement • Editor Welcome • Hocium Pokium• Crowley's Cat • Ellipses vs Spheres • MQ RAW Interview • Involution• Cellular Criticism• Conspiracy, Coincidance & Code • Creating the Center of the World • You Might Call Her Tiamat • Lamen and Sigil 741• Start of a War • Occult Theocracy• The End of 18 • Canto XXII & The Waste Land as Modern Infernos • HOLeY BIBLE• Believe That, and You'll Believe Anything• Are U, R?• My Stumblings in Chapel Perilous• Untitled 1.0 • MQ Colophon

Vol. 2 - Issue 1 / Spring Equinox 2005
MQ#2 Cover Art by Nemo
Edited by Kentroversy
• Leroy Valentine• Agent of Evolution• Fires Burn Dead Would• Self As Metaprogrammer • I've Made My Bed• HOLeY Bible, Part 2• Four Steps Forward• Plato Play-Doh• Kevin Booth Talks About Bill Hicks• Escape Velocity• Spaceship of Consciousness• New Game Rules• Wu Wei• Prose Logic• Lamen and Sigil 741: A New Magickal Life• The Dream Quest • Maybe Quarterly Submission Guidelines• Colophon

Vol. 2 - Issue 2 / Summer Solstice 2005
MQ#3 Cover Art by Bobby
Edited by Kentroversy

Vol 2 - Issue 3 / Autumn Equinox 2005
MQ #4 Cover Art by Zachariah Hoffman West
under new anarcho-syndicalist editorship (whatever that means) particular thanks to Acrillic...• Editor Welcome • History Plurality• Time• Disneyland Memorial Orgy • A Painter Ponders• EKozmic Renaissance Interview • Why Trance • Departure • MLA Chaos Magic • Jazz Octave • Time Piece • 17th September 2001• Autumnal Angel • The Magick of Maybe • In the Windows of My Youth• Four Seasons • New Science of HipHop Culture

Vol 2 - Issue 4 / Winter Solstice 2005
MQ#5 Cover Art by Bobby Campbell
Wrangling by BogusMagus

Volume 3 - Issue 2 Summer Solstice 2006
MQ#7 Cover Art by Betty DeRespino

• Pookie • Peter Carroll Interview • Neurotarot • Unfamiliar Places • Pinchbeck Interview • Giving Cynicism A Bad Name • Some People's Kids • Howordz Way • Freeman Perspective • Phaistos Comic • Miscellanous Chaos

Volume 3 - Issue 3 Autumn Equinox 2006
MQ#8 Cover Art by Antonija Anic-Antic
• Robert Anton Wilson Meets Fly • McLuhan • Psychedelic Experiments• Some People's Kids • Thelema Coast To Coast • Digital Time Capsules • MiniProp • Self Portrait Card Game• Code-Breaker Interview • Putiphars Azenine Garden • Rare Crowleyana Reviewed • War In The Sun • Canto LXVI Hyperlinked

Volume 3 - Issue 4 Winter Solstice 2006
MQ#9 Cover Art by Bobby Campbell
• Just Like Everyone Else• Hands In Solemn Praise• What Rough Magic• Liber Al Commentary 1• World Piss• Some People's Kids III• Coming Round Again • All You Can Be • Interview With God • Virgin & Pigeon

Volume 4 - Issue 1 / Spring Equinox 2007
MQ#10 Cover Art by borsky
Special RAW Meme-orial edition
• A Little Light • Bob Haiku• Ewige Bloom and Craft • Flights • What About Bob? • In Memoriam • RAW E-mail Exchange • RAW RIP • A RAW Stone • Patapsychology & Maybe Logic • RAW Data Comments• London RAW Wake

sombunall MQ10 music by Trimtabulous Cabal / Kokopelli Foundation

dove sta memora

Volume 4 - Issue 2 / Summer Solstice 2007
MQ#11 Cover Art by Fly 23
• Inundation of the Nile• A MLA Primer V.1 • 5 Haikus for RAW • Hondo's Big Sister • The Mind Playing Tricks On Itself• Work of the Tribe 001 • Big Justice • Inspired by the structural analysis in von Neumann and Morgenstern's Theory of Games and Economic Behavior Mirror

Volume 4 - Issue 3 - Autumn Equinox 07
MQ#12 Cover Art by Bobby Campbell
• Bhumi Sparsa • Nine Characters in Search of an Author • None-Word Sense • F For Fake Reviewed • The Pelican and the Rose: A Templar Angle • Truth & Soul • Beyond E-Prime • Hermetic Bruges• Ideogrammic Massage for the Universe• 23 x 17• Stagnancy

Volume 4 - Issue 4 - Winter Solstice 07
MQ#13 Cover Art by Purple Gooroo
• Maybe A Metaphor • A Tribute to Robert Anton Wilson• Food Fight • Magical Matters • Year One • Flower of Life • PKD Crazy Wisdom Notes • Liber AL vel Lols• For Qu Yuan

Volume 5 Issue 1
Spring Equinox 2008
• Cough It Up • Fattening Flies For Frogs For Snakes • Maybe Astrologics • How Scrappy The Dog Became Schroedinger's Cat • The State Of The Art• Teo Macero And The Art Of The Cut-Up • Khizr Kachoo • 1 Saturn• After the Tricycle It Comes Always The Bicycle • The Living One


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