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Incomplete History of the Maybe Logic Academy

The history of 'Academy 23' may never get completed but all suggestions, corrections, additions and links welcome. 
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 23 July 2004 - MLA Academy launches

 "In this area of cyberspace, if you can’t achieve tolerance, at least attempt courtesy."

Robert Anton Wilson tutors all the initial courses - and the General Forum has a lot going on, too.
  •  Ideogrammic Method
  • 8 Dimensions of Mind
  • Illuminatus!
  • Conspiracy, Coincidence and Code
  • Pete Carroll (?)  Was there an early Pete Carroll class?
 Winter Solstice 2004   Maybe Quarterly (student magazine)  launched


  • Quantum Psychology with RAW                                              January 2005?
  • Crowley 101 
  • Tale of the Tribe with RAW                                                      15 Aug - 6 Nov

The first of Wilson's MLA courses bridging the political, the social and the psychological, Tale of the Tribe promises to be a landmark journey with our dear Dr. Bob. Starring Giordano Bruno, Giambatista Vico, Friederich Nietzsche, Ernest Fenollosa, Ezra Pound, Alfred Korzybski, James Joyce, Buckminster Fuller, Claude Shannon and Marshall McLuhan -- the nucleus of the extraordinary minds that have helped shape the information age of 21st century and the mindscape of Robert Anton Wilson. Join Wilson as he explores the themes, minds and ideas of his forthcoming book, The Tale of the Tribe.
  • The Map is not the Territory: An Exploration of Neuro-Linguistic Programming   Program and reprogram with NLP and the guidance of Phillip H. Farber    September 19 - November 18
  •  Chaos Magick    Peter Carroll is back by popular demand     October 3 - November 27
  •  Question Authority Project       Focused and dynamic activity with media rouser RU Sirius October 10 - December 4 
  •  Incandescent Ruins: Modern Visionary Art    Surrealist visions led by Erik Davis October 17 - December 11
 Instinct For Freedom   Solid footsteps into Buddhist retreat with Alan Clements  October 24 - December 18
  •  Chance and the Laughing Buddha  The roll of Zen dice with Luke Rhinehart  (Postponed then cancelled)      

 Only Maybe (student blog) started in June 2005


  •  Non-Euclidian Politics:Beyond Left and Right            Robert Anton Wilson                                        Jan 23 - March 19, 2006.   8 week course
  •  Angel Tech: The 8-Circuit Brain in Theory and Practice Antero Alli                                           8 week course from March 13 - May 7, 2006
  •  Neurologic - RAW’s last workshop got cancelled  (did he leave any notes?)
 Learn how to really "think outside the box" in an 8 week journey through Korzybski's non-aristotelian semantics, Bandler's neuro-linguistic programming and Pound's ideogrammics all united with Leary's model of the 8 circuits of evolution. Summer fun for your brain.

Bob fell ill in June -   eBay auction of paraphernalia, Tarot Cards, Patatows, etc

October - Douglas Rushkoff starts an appeal for funds for RAW  

Over $68,000 arrives in a couple of days…!?!?!?!?!?! 
  •  The Science of Sex and Drugs          David Jay Brown   August 14th - Sept 24th.
  •  Meta-Magick: Magick and Neuro-Linguistics   Philip H. Farber  October 23.
  •  Running Your Own Cult: The Church of the SubGenius,   Rev Ivan Stang                                       beginning November 20.


MLA 4.0 begins the semester system. It's pretty simple: there are 6 courses from 2007 January - June; and six from July - December. If you take a Semester One course, you have full MLA Student Access through Semester One. If you enroll in a Semester Two course you'll have student access through Semester Two. Full 2007 student access is granted if you enroll as a full time student to either of the semesters.

2007 MLA Semester One

Inner Compass - Starhawk, Jan 29 - March 11
Timothy Leary - RU Sirius, Feb 26 - April 27
Mavericks of Medicine - David Jay Brown, March 19 - May 13
Earth As Teacher - Starhawk, April 23 - June 3
Angel Tech - Antero Alli, May 21 - July 15
Buddhist Tantra - Jonathan Landaw, June 18 - July 29

2007 MLA Semester Two

Goddess Path- Patricia Monaghan, July 16 - Sept 7
Crowley Tarot - Lon Milo DuQuette, Aug 13 - Sept 30
Visionary Art - Erik Davis, Sept 10 - Nov 4
Technologies of Persuasion - Douglas Rushkoff, Oct 1 - Nov 25
Astrologik - Antero Alli, Oct 29 - Dec 22
Altered States - Philip H Farber, Nov 26 – Jan

  • Inner Compass    Starhawk   Jan 29 - 11 March
  • Timothy Leary : Personas, Medias and Messages  R.U. Sirius is ready to serve up his third (?) MLA Enrollment is $120 and the course runs from February 26 - April 27. The course promises to delve both into Leary's bio and persona as well as exercises based on the 8-circuit model and other of Leary's work. 
MLA get-together in Belgium and A'dam

 Illuminatus! Audio book launched

For the first time in audiobook form, Illuminatus! charges on into the 21st century. Read by Ken Campbell (who directed Illuminatus! for the London stage in 1976) and Chris Fairbank (a human of 100 voices), THE EYE IN THE PYRAMID is sure to fire up the mental circuits and reveal new layers couched and waiting. Available exclusively as a download via DeepleafAudio. fnord indeed.


Delivering Illuminatus! to the masses. If you've never subscribed to a podcast, here's your chance. The first 20 weeks of Illuminatus! Podcast features ILLUMINATI PROJECT MEMOS from Illuminatus! Part I followed by a year's worth of Illuminatus! excerpts from Part II and Part III. If you feel the calling, please email, call, tell, graffiti everyone you know to subscribe to the podcast. Somewhere there's a dormant Illuminatus! initiate waiting to hear the magic words of Shea and Wilson's masterpiece.

  • Maverick of Medicine : Exploring Unconventional Medical Research, Alternative Medicine, and Practical Life Extension     
David Jay Brown presents a six week MLA course examining some of the most promising unconventional medical approaches of today with an eye towards where medicine may be evolving in the future. The course will provide an overview of different alternative therapies, the latest scientific research into how diet and exercise affect health, the role of inflammation in chronic disease, the evolution of pathogens, life extension research and anti-aging medicine, the mind-body connection, and the relationship between medicine and spirituality. March 26 - May 6

Week 1: What’s Wrong With Modern Medicine?
Week 2: Silent Inflammation, Diet, and Chronic Disease
Week 3: Herbal and Nutritional Supplements for Optimal Health
Week 4: Life Extension, Longevity Research, and Anti-Aging Medicine
Week 5: Maximizing the Placebo Effect and the Secrets of Mind-Body Medicine
Week 6: Medicine and Spirituality

  • Earth as Teacher                      Starhawk                     23 Apr - 3 June
  • Angel Tech                                Antero Alli                   21 May - 15 July
  • Buddhist Tantra                         Jonathan Landaw           18 June - 29 July

Maybe Quarterly #10 was dedicated to High Pope Robert Anton Wilson.

July 23 2007 represented the 3rd Year Anniversary of Maybe Logic Academy (and of course 07/23 was also Robert Anton Wilson Day in Santa Cruz, CA!).


On the Robert Anton Wilson audiobook front, we are delighted to announce an early September audiobook release of Illuminatus! Part II - The Golden Apple. Featuring a full cast ensemble, The Golden Apple will surely entertain, confuse and enlighten another grateful generation. Audiobooks of Illuminatus! Part I as well as The Earth Will Shake are also now offered on iTunes. Like all iTunes audiobooks, the files are DRM (copy-protected) and the quality is a little lower than that offered via Deepleaf Audio Downloads, but RAW Audiobooks have now merged with the global digital slip-stream!

  •  Crowley Tarot: Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot                                                  Lon Milo DuQuette / August 13 - September 30 / $135
For over 35 years the Thoth Tarot has been one of the best selling and most popular Tarot decks in the world. Designed by Aleister Crowley and painted by Frieda Harris, it is considered by many to be the most important magical object d’art of the 20th century – it is also one of the most misunderstood. Crowley’s own The Book of Thoth, written in the last years of his life, is naturally the most authoritative work on the subject, and represents a synthesis of a lifetime of magical study and illumination. But, like many of Crowley’s works, it is hard to digest without a considerable background occult education.
 Join author and Crowley expert, Lon Milo DuQuette, for an in-depth (and relatively painless) look at the classic and revolutionary structure of the Thoth Tarot; its artistic mysteries; and the secrets of sexual alchemy hidden within the stunning imagery of its 78 mini-masterpieces.
  • The Goddess Path : Myths, Invocations and Rituals            Patricia Monaghan                          September 3 - October 28 / $125
Are you one of the increasing number of women and men who want to know more about the Goddess? Each of the eight weeks of the course focuses on a particular Goddess from Celtic, Greek, Native American, Asian and African traditions, providing a prayer and meditation appropriate to the particular goddess; a retelling of the goddess' essential myth and meaning; discussion of interpretations, symbolism, activities, major feasts, and principal means of honoring the goddess; and suggestions for modern honoring rituals. The course also examines some of the main ideas and ideals of the Goddess Movement and includes weekly personal meditations and activities.
  • The crazy wisdom of Philip K. Dick Erik Davis     September 17 - November 11 / $120
Once a purely cult figure, Philip K. Dick (1928-1982) is now widely recognized as a pulp visionary of the highest order. This course will approach his work not as science fiction but as crazy wisdom. We’ll explore how his texts seem designed to illuminate our posthuman problems and our most ancient philosophical questions — and to then scramble those insights with a cheap ray gun. We will read two of Dick’s major novels, both chosen for their heavy gnostic themes. We will discuss drugs and archons and machines that break down, including, possibly, yourself. We will also explore the two greatest examples of the many PKD movies to date—further evidence that Dick’s spirit will only continue to permeate the culture at large.

Erik Davis is the author of Techgnosis and The Visionary State: A Journey through California’s Spiritual Landscape. Erik consulted on the script for A Scanner Darkly, and was recognized by the New Yorker for his expertise in PKD’s work. He has taught courses at UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and the California Institute of Integral Studies. He is working on a book about PKD.
  • Astrologik: Astrology Without Tears Antero Alli October 29 - December 22                                        
  • Technologies of Persuasion: From Propaganda to Paranoia        Douglas Rushkoff                                                                                                               Oct 1 - 25 Nov
  • Altered States     Philip H Farber                                       Nov-Jan

 Self-Directed Courses

"After rigorous preparation and development, Maybe Logic Academy is now pleased to offer MLA Self-Directed Courses! Essentially S-D Courses resemble "live" MLA courses but tend to be a little more in depth and do not include direct instructor and student feedback - and at nearly a third of the price, they're more affordable! Our first two S-D offerings are Robert Anton Wilson's Tale of the Tribe and Philip H. Farber's Meta-Magick.

Tale of the Tribe has been in development for over a year and contains the best from Wilson's MLA courses on The Ideogrammic Method and Tale of the Tribe. All course material was written and/or assigned by Wilson and contains the blueprints and hidden agendas from his never-completed book of the same title."
  • MLA Self-Directed Course - Tale of the Tribe     An Interactive Exploration with Robert Anton Wilson (10 week access to S-D Course Site)

Derived from Robert Anton Wilson's landmark MLA courses 'The Ideogrammic Method' and 'Tale of the Tribe,' this self-directed course bridges the political, the social and the psychological in a mix only Wilson conjure. Starring Ernest Fenollosa, Ezra Pound, Alfred Korzybski, James Joyce and Buckminster Fuller -- the nucleus of the extraordinary minds that have helped shape the information age of 21st century and the mindscape of Robert Anton Wilson. Follow RAW through the labyrinths of Joyce and Pound as we learn to perceive/conceive in non-Aristotelian categories and join the Global Village.
  • MLA Self-Directed Course - Meta-Magick: Where Magick Meets the Brain   - Philip H Farber   10 week access to S-D Course Site  $55


European MLA get-together in Paris

  • Pranks and Pranksters, Tricksters and Tricks   RU Sirius             February 11 - March 23 
  •  RAW's Prometheus Rising                            Eric Wagner        Sept 8 - Oct 19   $120
  • Astrologik                                                        Antero Alli           Sept 22 - Nov 2  $120  
  • Meta-Magick                                                  Philip H Farber     Oct 6 - Nov 30  $140
  • Crowley Tarot                                                  Lon Milo DuQuette Oct 20 - Nov 30  $135
  •  Corporatized                                                   Douglas Rushkoff  Nov 3 - Dec 14     $145


  •  Chapel Perilous  Eric Wagner  
The Pentacle of Valor

Week One Cosmic Trigger Preface to the New Edition, Forewords, pg. 3 – 52
Conspiracy of the Week: Subterranean Worlds
Late Beethoven Pick: The Hammerklavier Sonata, Op. 106
Introductions; memorize the Crowley quote on page 18.
Does Apocalypse Now provide a useful model of Chapel Perilous? Dobbstown?Possible meanings of “Rising organ music.”
Agnosticism, Angels and Demons and the Illuminati, etc.

Week Two Cosmic Trigger pg. 52 – 114
Conspiracy of the Week: Tampa Bay: Chemical Warfare
Late Beethoven Pick: Piano Sonata in E, Op. 109
Korzybski, Joyce and the economy, etc.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Permanent Fifth Circuit, casting spells and Info-cinema, etc. Alan Watts, D. T. Suzuki, zen and the eight circuit model, etc.

The Cup of Sympathy

Week Three Cosmic Trigger pg. 114 – 180
Conspiracy of the Week: The Terra Papers
Late Beethoven Pick: Piano Sonata in A Flat, Op. 110
John Lilly, dolphins and limits, etc. Dr. Leary and the 21st century, etc. Why Beethoven? Egypt, Crowley and the Grateful Dead, etc.

Week Four Cosmic Trigger pg. 181 – 247
Conspiracy of the Week: THELEMA, yup, welcome to Chapel Perilous
Late Beethoven Pick: The Ninth Symphony (of course)
Crowley’s relevance today. Sufis, fake Sufis, kabbalah and quantum mechanics, etc. Sirius, Mumbo Jumbo and Pynchon, etc. The tarot, The Game of Life, Jess Karlin and education, etc.

The Sword of Reason

Week Five I, Wabenzi pg. 1 – 113
Conspiracy of the Week: Kerry Thornley
Late Beethoven Pick: Piano Sonata in C Minor, Op. 111
I hope you’ve gotten a copy of I, Wabenzi.
Have we any Wabenzi in the class? Not I, alas. Illumination, the lack thereof, 2012, etc. The Cosmic Schmuck Factor.

Week Six I, Wabenzi pg. 114 – 227
Conspiracy of the Week: The Three Tramps
Late Beethoven Pick: The Missa Solemnis
“How was your time on earth? What did you do there?How did it feel to you at the time?” Storytelling: Chapel Perilous as narrative process.

The Wand of Intuition

Week Seven I, Wabenzi pg. 228 – 351
Conspiracy of the Week: Tobacco Wars: Genetically Engineered Tobacco
Late Beethoven Pick: String Quartet Op. 130 and the Grosse Fugue
The heart and the third eye, etc. What do you think of Beshara, Bulent Rauf, Rafi Zabor, etc.? Bliss and ease, etc. Historicism, “a great unstoppable wave,” the 60’s, the present and the future, etc.

Week Eight I, Wabenzi pg. 352 - 472
Conspiracy of the Week: Trilateral Commission
Late Beethoven Pick: The Ninth Symphony
The role of the teacher at Beshara or Maybe Logic. Abū abd-Allah Muhammad ibn-Ali ibn Muhammad ibn al-`Arabi al-Hatimi al-TTaa'i (أبو عبد الله محمد بن علي بن محمد بن العربي الحاتمي الطائي). One reality versus many. Chapel Perilous, the musical.

Course texts:

Cosmic Trigger: The Final Secret of the Illuminati
-- Robert Anton Wilson

I, Wabenzi
-- Rafi Zabor

8 week course
May 18 - July 12

European meet-up in Berlin


MLA 2010 Fall Course Schedule

Enochian/Vision Magick • Lon Milo DuQuette • September 6 • $140

Program Or Be Programmed • Douglas Rushkoff • October 11 • $150

Bob Dobbs
Secret History of the Church of the SubGenius • Rev. Ivan Stang • October 25 • $120

Magical Experiments • Philip H Farber • November 8 • $130

MLA 2010 Fall Alumni Seminars

Fall 2010 Alumni Series (all 3 courses) • All 3 courses • Fall 2010 • $100

Email To The Tribe • Fly Agaric 23 • September 27 • $pay-what-you-can - recommended price: $50

Hip-Hop & Shamanism • Prop Anon • October 17 • $50

Global Village • Bobby Campbell • November 5 • $pay-what-you-can - recommended price: $50

Scholar Access: Five MLA Courses • $500

  • Share this Course - Mark Pesce
  • 420 Kabbalah - Eric Wagner

PRESENTATION: Jumping Jesus On A Pogo Stick
WORKSHOP: Tools of the Tribe -
(FTP, HTML and Bit-torrent)

PRESENTATION: Here Comes Everybody
WORKSHOP: The Social Medium Is The Message -
(Weblogs, Wikis and Feed Aggregation)

WORKSHOP: Dada Is Not Dead -
(Cut Ups, Collage and The Public Domain)

PRESENTATION:  Who Is The Great Magician That Makes The Grass Green?
WORKSHOP: Ineluctable Modality of the Visual -
(Images, Comix and Animations)

PRESENTATION: The World Turned Upside Down
WORKSHOP: Radio Free Arcadia -
(Digital Audio, Podcasts, and Live Streams)

PRESENTATION: Reality Is What You Can Get Away With
WORKSHOP: Movie Magick -
(Digital Video, Vidcasts and Live Streams)

WORKSHOP: Operation Mindfuck -
(Trends, Memes and Viral Media)

PRESENTATION: The Great Work Accomplished
(Self Publishing for Fun and Profit)
The Oxford get-together 2010

Find the material and resources here


The wheels of the tribe go around and around.
WEEKLY DOSE: Decentralized and Rotational Map Warfare.

WEEK TWO - GENERAL EPIPHANY (Sep 27-3rd October)
Hologrammic Prose and meaningful common speech
WEEKLY DOSE: RAW-FLY interviews. (Oct 4-10)

The synergy of history
WEEKLY DOSE: Vicosahedron and Canto LXVI. Open Source History.

If its not connected its useless
WEEKLY DOSE: Shannanigums Wave and Future Present.

Moving pictures to TV/Internet
WEEKLY DOSE: Maybe Logic and RAW Multimedia.

WEEKLY DOSE: Work of the tribe. email to the tribe.

COURSE TEXTS: Recorsi by Robert Anton Wilson.

  • 'the god has found me' October -    Propanon            Political Wilson.   Postponed.

Bogus hasn't really hung out during 2011-13, so doesn't really know what has been going on. Many of us wandered off to meet elsewhere, etc, and the Evolver site opened to continue with the model. We did some group writing, etc. 



  •  8-Circuit Brain    Antero Alli

Sept 2014: Come join a crash course cosmic adventure through the lives and ideas of Robert Anton Wilson!

The Maybe Logic Academy is once again opening its invisible doors for an intensive 8 week RAW workshop, which leads directly into the premier of the highly anticipated stage adaptation of RAW’s Cosmic Trigger byDaisy Eris Campbell! [Nov 2014]

The workshop is divided into four 2 week sessions, presented by MLA Alumni: Steve Fly Agaric, Propaganda Anonymous, Toby Philpott aka Bogus, and Bobby Campbell.

Whether you are a new initiate to the Maybe Logic chaosmos, or a fully vested Ascended Master of all things maybe, there will be an abundance of RAW delight!

The secret society reconvenes on September 23rd, come find the others at:

(Suggested donation $23, but pay what you will shall be the whole of the law)

 RAW Artists Workshop
Presented by Steve Fly Agaric

A collaborative jimjam of like minded mutants and MLA critters creating new meps and mapaphors to help find the others just in time for space migration.

“The biosphere—Gaia—the DNA script—is more intelligent than all individuals. Gene-pools and species. It has survived everything thrown at it for nearly 4 billion years, and is getting smarter all the time.”--RAW, Prometheus Rising, pg.181.

Presentation: RAW & the tale of the tribe
Workshop: Language of poetry & eggshells

“The instrument that measures all other instruments—the human nervous system—has its own laws, and one of them involves always seeing the results one wants to see until and unless something really startles the brain enough to reframe its experiences.”--RAW, Dangerous Experiments, Cosmic Trigger III, pg134.

Workshop: No place like dome

The Latest Model
Presented by Toby Philpott aka Bogus

 In which we examine the language we use to describe the world, and the models we develop to try to explain it, or at least find our way around.

Presentation:  Language as a virus
Workshop: Using E-Prime for a week – an exercise to help us evaluate the words we use, and communicate more clearly

Presentation:  Models of the Mind, with special reference to the 8 Circuit Model
Workshop: Discussion of the model, experiences with it, variations and alternatives – "all models need revision, when new information comes in."

Perilous Lessons from the Chapel of Ill-Repute
Presented  by Propaganda Anonymous

WEEK FIVE: Neurogeography of Conspiracy Theory
    Workshop: RAW's 8 Elements of Conspiracy Theory
    Presentation: Lots of Cussin and Discussin this presentation of Wilson's analysis

WEEK SIX: A Tradition of Explanation
    Workshop: The Anthropological Approach to Conspiracy Theories
    Presentation: More Discussions and Cussin about the 'Illuminati' Conspiracy Motif, plus more!

The Cosmic Giggle Factor
Presented by Bobby Campbell

Wherein we will endeavor to use the whimsical magic of art & technology to unleash the RAW power of change in ourselves and the world. PULL MY FINGER!

“The world is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.”
– J. B. S. Haldane

Presentation: The Great Magician
Workshop: Metaprograms & Sigils

Presentation: Operation Mindfuck
Workshop: RAW Memetics

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bill Drummond - 'Art provocateur'

Bill Drummond's 10 Commandments of Art 

 From The Observer    15 June 2014

Photograph taken by Tracey Moberly

The 25 Paintings were recently on display at Eastside Projects

They are now about to set off on a World Tour - until 2025.

You might enjoy exploring the Penkiln Burn website


Member of the NEW TRAJECTORIES webring