Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Who knew?

This blog, as a fan of Bucky Fuller, has more than once referenced his Dymaxion Map of Planet Earth, and it  has some undoubted virtues over standard maps.

However, we just stumbled over an early challenge to it, that does deserve a viewing - Cahill's Butterfly.

Read the details on Wired, at:

Projection Smackdown: Cahill’s Butterfly vs. the Dymaxion Map

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

New Biography of Ken Campbell

We may have previously mentioned Michael Coveney's book about Ken Campbell "The Great Caper".

There is a more recent biography by Jeff Merrifield, one of Ken's closest friends: "Seeker!: Ken Campbell - His Five Amazing Lives".

You may find it on Amazon, although they don't seem to have many copies.  Why not get it direct from the author, at Playback Arts?

Cosmic Trigger - The Play

Here is the brilliant video of Daisy Eris Campbell from the recent Horse Hospital gig:

The plan is for the play to start in the UK and then head to America.
In the meantime anyone who donates £23 or $23 (or multiples thereof) in this pre-launch phase will be on the guest list for
The Grand Discordian opening night. (One in the UK and one in The States).
Much of the money raised will contribute directly to The RAW Estate by securing the rights.

So write an e-mail now to get on the mailing list.
The E-mail address is: cosmictriggerplay at gmail dot com
You can use paypal, or if you would rather use online banking, E-mail Daisy and she'll send you the details.

Another Cosmic Trigger event along the lines of this one, looks likely for Liverpool on *UPDATE* February 23rd, 2014.
A Kickstarter with lots of fun incentives will launch, hopefully on April 23rd, 2014.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Event you missed at the Horse Hospital

Forteans and Discordians have a night out at The Horse Hospital.

We met John Higgs, who has written the definitive book on Tim Leary, and more recently a wondrous book about the KLF, who gave a great talk about Bob, and why his influence remains relevant.


Jon One took the opportunity to burn £20 as part of his ongoing rituals, and you can see his explanation here (to the person who shouted out about how many Syrian children that could have helped).

Bogus just destroyed £5 in the washing machine, death by water rather than fire.  Does that count for anything?

Daisy Eris Campbell enthused us with her plans to stage Cosmic Trigger, and we will post links to the second half when it becomes available.  She has already received over £400 in £23 contributions, which allowed her to set up This Book Changed My Life Productions.


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