Saturday, December 21, 2013

OM wishes you a Happy Solstice, and if you're in the Southern Hemisphere...

...get to the beach!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cosmic Trigger Play Update

Ho Ho Hail Eris!
An update for the Cosmically Enthused
Hail n that you marvellous cosmic types,

Firstly a quick update for the as-yet uninitiated:

Plan is to stage an adaptation of Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson, with scenes from Illuminatus! woven through, as well as a dramatised peek backstage at the original Liverpool production (directed by my dad, Ken Campbell). To be funded by crowd, staged by enthusiasts and encircled within a festival of Higher Intelligence. We've had a successful read-through of the first draft, done a talk with some scenes WATCH HERE and folk have started sending in money, despite not yet launching an official crowd-funding campaign...

Right, consider yourself initiated. And when you send in your £23 or $23 you will also become a Discordian Pope. And if you're already a Discordian Pope, then I'm excommunicating you until you cough up.

And for those of you who are Popes, here's what's happening:

All I can say is this show seems to want to happen, and bad. I'm surfing wave after wave of good will around this project, and please, keep the support coming....

So, the big news is we have the option on the rights from the Wilson and Shea estates! - Heartfelt thanks to Christina Wilson and Mike Shea for their permission to proceed with this adventure.

And we are days away from a production website. Thanks go to Dom, Gary and Bobby for this.

We have a production company: "This Book Changed my Life Productions", for projects in the genre of impossible to adapt, non-fiction life-changers. Thanks, Greg.

And we have more offers of help than you can shake a stick at. Thanks to Michelle for collating all these offers. We will be gathering one and all when the time is ripe for Britain's Got Cosmic Talent - an open-door audition event for artists, musicians, actors, mystics and ontological guerrillas who feel they simply must be involved. We agree! This event will be repeated when we get ourselves Stateside...

I've been on a crowd-funding masterclass, gleaned many good tips and have a filmmaker on board to make the campaign video. Thank you, Nic.

Thanks too to Nick and Tom for their help with spreading the word.

We have a date and venue for our next jamboree: Liverpool AirSpace 22-23rd February (follow link for some readings from Illuminatus from Liverpool actors). More talks, more scenes, more John Higgs, and songs for a Cosmic musical number or two - thanks to Richard who is on a roll. This will go up on YouTube for those who can't be there live.

And I am working on some really special rewards for the crowd-funding push (which we hope to launch in April):

an exclusive, never-before-heard interview with Shea and Wilson backstage at the NT
Ken Campbell box-set of recordings of his one-man-shows - not previously available!
The audio recording of the original Illuminatus! production
All beautifully presented in collectors' editions - oh yeah baby.
Thanks to Nadia and Scott for help with this. This is subject to being able to clear all the relevant rights. Ah, bureaucracy...

And all this is thanks to the donations you have made so far - extra special thanks to Nina and Monk!


Donating before we launch the crowd-funding campaign will get you on the guest list to an exclusive after-show party - only available to the Inner Circle of early supporters.

DONATE HERE email address:

I'm going to ground for January, to get this darn second draft written, so please forgive me if I'm even slower than usual in replying to your emails. And if you see me on Twitter, boot me off.

I'll send a quick note when the website is up and running, and there will be contact details on there for other members of the team to contact if you want to get involved.

One other way you might wish to help is to put together a bit of research for me while I'm writing the second draft. I'll give you a subject and you condense what you discover into an easy-digest page or two. If that appeals, then email with the subject RESEARCH HELP.

See you on the other side.

May you achieve Pure Slack this Christmas.

xx xxx Daisy

Copyright © 2013 This Book Changed my Life Productions, All rights reserved.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Who knew?

This blog, as a fan of Bucky Fuller, has more than once referenced his Dymaxion Map of Planet Earth, and it  has some undoubted virtues over standard maps.

However, we just stumbled over an early challenge to it, that does deserve a viewing - Cahill's Butterfly.

Read the details on Wired, at:

Projection Smackdown: Cahill’s Butterfly vs. the Dymaxion Map

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

New Biography of Ken Campbell

We may have previously mentioned Michael Coveney's book about Ken Campbell "The Great Caper".

There is a more recent biography by Jeff Merrifield, one of Ken's closest friends: "Seeker!: Ken Campbell - His Five Amazing Lives".

You may find it on Amazon, although they don't seem to have many copies.  Why not get it direct from the author, at Playback Arts?

Cosmic Trigger - The Play

Here is the brilliant video of Daisy Eris Campbell from the recent Horse Hospital gig:

The plan is for the play to start in the UK and then head to America.
In the meantime anyone who donates £23 or $23 (or multiples thereof) in this pre-launch phase will be on the guest list for
The Grand Discordian opening night. (One in the UK and one in The States).
Much of the money raised will contribute directly to The RAW Estate by securing the rights.

So write an e-mail now to get on the mailing list.
The E-mail address is: cosmictriggerplay at gmail dot com
You can use paypal, or if you would rather use online banking, E-mail Daisy and she'll send you the details.

Another Cosmic Trigger event along the lines of this one, looks likely for Liverpool on *UPDATE* February 23rd, 2014.
A Kickstarter with lots of fun incentives will launch, hopefully on April 23rd, 2014.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Event you missed at the Horse Hospital

Forteans and Discordians have a night out at The Horse Hospital.

We met John Higgs, who has written the definitive book on Tim Leary, and more recently a wondrous book about the KLF, who gave a great talk about Bob, and why his influence remains relevant.


Jon One took the opportunity to burn £20 as part of his ongoing rituals, and you can see his explanation here (to the person who shouted out about how many Syrian children that could have helped).

Bogus just destroyed £5 in the washing machine, death by water rather than fire.  Does that count for anything?

Daisy Eris Campbell enthused us with her plans to stage Cosmic Trigger, and we will post links to the second half when it becomes available.  She has already received over £400 in £23 contributions, which allowed her to set up This Book Changed My Life Productions.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Playing Cosmic Trigger

Daisy Eris Campbell has written a play based on RAW's Cosmic Trigger.

In London, on the evening of October 23rd John Higgs and Daisy Eris Campbell put on a lovely event titled "The late, great Robert Anton Wilson." I went along with some friends from the Maybe Logic Academy and the audience also comprised a mix of Forteans, Discordians and Bob fans. John Higgs talked about some of Bob's central themes. Then after a small interval Daisy Campbell with some actors performed a scene from the play.

The project is going to need to raise funds, and at this stage donations of £23 or multiples thereof will be a great help.
Anyone who makes this donation before the Kickstarter project is launched next year will be on the guest list for The Grand Discordian opening night. (UK or USA).

Down the line there will likely be a kickstarter project for this.
Some of the things to do are: the forming of a Theatre Company, sorting out a Website and finalising the rights from the RAW Estate etc.

So write an e-mail now to get on the mailing list.

The E-mail address is: cosmictriggerplay at gmail dot com

You can use paypal, or if you would rather use online banking, E-mail Daisy and she'll send you the details.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013


I've set up a RAW tumblr to go along w/ the @RAWilson23 twitter account. Which works something like this:
@RAWilson23 passed 700 followers yesterday, which isn't half bad!

Far less than the nearly 7,000 of @Robert_A_Wilson or the nearly 10,000 of @R_A_W.  I'd consider myself severely redundant except that @R_A_W is basically just Huffington Post blog spam w/ no actual relevance to RAW's works, and @Robert_A_Wilson, while doing a really excellent job of spreading RAW's quotes and ideas, (better than I do admittedly!) seems to only & always promote  A perfectly reasonable and respectable thing to do, but it does encourage me to continue my own efforts to find and share the RAW works & thoughts of others (along w/ my own of course!)

"for to irrigate the Willingdone"
James Joyce, Finnegans Wake

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Joyce at the Martello Tower

From the Today in Literature site (although a day late!)  James Joyce - Joyce at the Martello Tower

 "On 9 September in 1904, twenty-two-year-old James Joyce moved into the Martello Tower in Sandycove, outside Dublin, with his friend Oliver St. John Gogarty..."

Photos of James Joyce territory Dublin, Ireland

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Universal Bloomsday!

OK, OK - just maybe 'earthwide' Bloomsday (cf: "why do all the Mr Universe awards get won by earthlings?).

As a monolinguist (UK English), who struggles with many of the complexities of "Finnegans Wake",  I, the bogus one, (not the only individual who posts to this blog) somehow find it heartening to know that the Chinese have recognised something in the text that speaks to them.

I have no idea if Joyce planted gags in the text which only emerge when pronounced correctly in Chinese.  Perhaps he made a really worldwide text (even maybe 'universal', although we await alien translations of the puns and Ur-language).

Very few people have the language resources to tell - with a full overview. Bloomsday in China

Anyway - OM wishes you a delightful and inspiring Bloomsday, wherever you find yourself on 'Sunday 16th  June' (Gregorian calendar).

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

G. Spencer-Brown has reached his 90th year

This man is mostly known for his enigmatic yet accessible book, The Laws of Form. If you don't understand the maths, you may enjoy the verbal interpretations, especially if you treat them as some kind of poetic language, rather than something literal (can anyone really translate maths into words?)

Here you can find him talking to the AUM Conference in 1973, at Esalen, introduced by John Lilly.

You can easily Google plenty of interesting and interactive sites based on The Laws of Form - we have offered links to them in the past, e.g. The Markable Mark, which has practical tools to play with.

It can prove hard to find copies of the more poetic books he wrote under the name James Keys: i.e Only Two Can Play This Game [Julian Press, 1972], 23 Degrees of Paradise [Cat Books, 1970], etc) but they seem like a necessary compliment to his more technical work.

Wiki lists him as a polymath: "He describes himself as a "mathematician, consulting engineer, psychologist, educational consultant and practitioner, consulting psychotherapist, author, and poet."

 Personally, I would love to find out more about his interactions with R.D.Laing.

 Still, this remains a birthday greeting, and not a definitive site of cross-references.

For RAW fans, of course, you may recognise an assortment of chapter sub-headings and references cut up into the Schrodinger's Cat trilogy... "That which is not allowed is forbidden", etc.


Let there be a form distinct from the form.
­G. Spencer-Brown, Laws of Form


"Choronzon" was a mind­construct of the primates specializing in the Enochian version of Cabalistic magick. Talking out of two sides of their mouths at once, as was typical of primate mystics, the Cabalists said that Choronzon was the astral embodiment of all the illusions and deception on Terra (especially all the egotism and malice). They added that Choronzon was also a part of the psyche of the student which had to be faced and conquered before Illumination was complete. When asked whether Choronzon was then outside or inside, they usually answered "Both." This reply made no sense at all until G. Spencer Brown published his Laws of Form.


He exhaled a fog of cannabis molecules and returned his attention to his favorite
bedtime reading, Brown's Laws of Form:

To cross again is not to cross


FORM: In the sense of G. Spencer Brown, a mathematical or logical system necessary
to systematic thought but having the inevitable consequences of imposing its own deep
structures upon the experiences packaged and indexed by the form. See: The Copenhagen Interpretation



The opening line of LOF is "The theme of this book is that a universe comes into being when a space is severed or cut apart" .

You may find parallels in Zen Buddhism, in relation to the idea of the Mutual Arising of Opposites:

When you cling to a hairbreadth of distinction,
 heaven and earth are set apart.
 If you want to realize the truth,
 don’t be for or against.

There are other translations of this idea from the Xinxin Ming...

See also:   Sanskrit - Pratītyasamutpāda

A useful reference site on Observer Web

Good summary of LOF in Wikipedia

Cuttingup Space, Part 2: The Laws of Form  on the  Particulations blog

A design for an experimental course, with LoF as the focus.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Celebration for Bicycle Day

From Synergetic Press


• Launched on the 70th anniversary of LSD’s discovery

• A history of science, consciousness research and psychedelic studies

"Albert Hofmann and his Discovery of LSD – Only a few discoveries of the 20th century have had such a crucial and meaningful influence on science, society and culture as LSD; this mysterious and extremely potent substance which causes profound changes of consciousness in doses of just a few hundred micrograms. Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann first experienced its remarkable effects during a self-experiment with Lysergic Acid Diethylamide in 1943 at Sandoz Laboratory in Basel. It changed his life deeply, as it also has the lives of millions of people all around the world.  His bicycle ride during this first LSD trip became legendary."

Friday, March 15, 2013

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Robert Anton Wilson often talked and wrote positively about his personal experience with light and sound machines and NLP. This new AVE (Audio Visual Entrainment) device comes with the L.E.D glasses, a small machine and a library of around 500 hypnotic recordings. You can even store 5 sessions on your smart phone. Nearly 50 of these are by Dr. Richard Bandler. I've found it to be extremely useful as I'm sure you will too.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Moon Hoax Not

“Moon Hoax Not”: Short Film Explains Why It Was Impossible to Fake the Moon Landing

"S.G. Collins doesn’t trust the United States government. They “lie all the time, about all kinds of things,” he insists, “and if they haven’t lied to you today, maybe they haven’t had coffee yet.” Like some of those who express a similar distrust, he claims he has no way to verify that NASA landed on the moon in 1969. But unlike most of that subset, he doesn’t think the government could have pulled off a convincing hoax about it."

Postwar Media is the creative company of writer / director S G Collins.
Collins creates media to help people and companies tell their stories.
He lives and works in Amsterdam.

Here's a journal entry, after receiving some feedback about the film.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review: KLF: Chaos Magic Music Money

bc ideogrammic review of KLF: Chaos Magic Music Money by JMR Higgs
Bogus Magus has more infos: They're Justified and They're Ancient… #KLF
Tom Jackson has an Interview w/ the author: JMR Higgs talks about his new book on The KLF and RAW

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dancing Around Duchamp

A series of events and exhibitions celebrating the life and influence of Marcel Duchamp will take place in London, England - at The Barbican Centre.

"This spring the Barbican embraces chance, provocation and humour in an international season celebrating Marcel Duchamp, widely considered the father of conceptual art and the most influential artist of the 20th century. We invite you to explore work by his precursors, collaborators and the generations of artists he has influenced across art, music, dance, theatre and film."

There will be an exhibition - The Bride and the Bachelors: Duchamp with Cage, Cunningham, Rauschenberg and Johns - of painting, sculpture, stage sets and musical notations...

You will be able to see/hear a programme of Cage music and Cunningham dance.

The theatre will present pieces by Jarry, Ionesco and Beckett, etc.

The cinema will show films by  Hans Richter, Man Ray, John Cage and Jean-Luc Godard, plus silent comedy and movies from the American underground.


You can find an excellent animated website called Making Sense of Marcel Duchamp online...

#duchamp2013 for Twitter updates.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

An Invitation to Support Aung San Suu Kyi and Democracy's New Voices of Freedom

In 1995, American Journalist Alan Clements spent six months in clandestine conversations with Aung San Suu Kyi recording her story. Their transcribed conversations form the book "The Voice of Hope".
After decades of peaceful resistance we're off to Burma to record the voices of freedom during her transition from dictatorship to democracy.

"Every leader on the planet should read this book at least once."
~ Alice Walker, Pulitzer-Prize winning author of The Color Purple

ASSK Invitation

We are a team of "freedom-lovers" passionate about travelling to Burma, the heart of this radical transition. Our intention is to document the insights and stories of the less known leaders in their long march toward freedom: former political prisoners; dissident writers, musicians, journalists, filmmakers, poets and comedians; Buddhist monks and nuns; reformed government leaders; shop owners; returning refugees; farmers; students; and possibly Aung San Suu Kyi herself, along with her esteemed colleagues, mentors and teachers.

Please stand with us and support this timely and important project. Contribute via the indiegogo campaign, pass this message on to friends, reblog, share, thank you.

"As spiritual and political beings we are all activists at heart. No one is outside of society...It's about our freedom. That means everybody. We must see that nothing and no one is separate from this freedom. No one is an island in this world." 
~ Aung San Suu Kyi

Burma (called Myanmar, by some) is undergoing one of the most epic reforms in human history: after decades of authoritarian military rule we're seeing the dawn of a compassion-inspired democracy born from love and nonviolence.  

This next phase of Burma’s "revolution of the spirit" is  being led by former political prisoners, artists and dissidents, including Nobel Peace laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi, “an icon of democracy...all around the world,” as declared by President Barack Obama during his historic visit to Burma just days after his reelection. 

Freed after spending the better part of 20 years under house arrest and prison, Aung San Suu Kyi, a recently elected Parliamentarian within her country’s new civilian Government, has called upon freedom-loving people everywhere, to SUPPORT Burma NOW, more than ever.  

Thank you for your time, and your support,

Fergus Harlow,
Campaign Ambassador, EU

Friday, January 04, 2013

Bigending of the Mayan Long Count in Panoramas.

At Chichen Itza last week--between playing drums for Fantuzzi, The Earthlings, and The peace tribe band at the chaotic 'synthesis2012 festival--ifly, made some panorama photographs using my I-Pad, and shot some weird underwater video in a cenote called Encantado (rumored to have a female crocodile living in it!)

My journey was really FAR OUT and mystical, beautiful and challenging all-at-once. I got into more textual porridge over at my acrillic blog. Be my guest:

I opened an account with today, and wanted to share my first batch of panos. Love, steve fly

My Trip to Chitchen Itza and Tulum 21st December 2012: (Condensed diary spillage):

Reflections on my trip to Chichen Itza: (a prose introspective streaming dollop)


"And greater grown then in the trifle of her days, a mouse, a mere tittle, trots off with the whole panoromacron picture"--James Joyce, Finnegans Wake. pg. 318  

Snapped December 21st, 2012. Chichen Itza.


Member of the NEW TRAJECTORIES webring