Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Historys Back: A Box-book cover.

In a flash of inspiration, I just crawled off my laptop, and made some cover-artwork for my project OUR HISTORYS BACK.

And... thought I might share some photo's I just snapped a minute ago. I cut up some back issues of TIME magazine that I had knocking around my apartment, one's that I rescued from work. I found the 'watch-adverts' attractive, with cogs and wheels and dials, and so I soon came up with a concept including ref/ to the 1936 Games - where most of the story is based around.

I should probably now make a drawing of these photographs or something, as I feel I cheated a little bit by cutting out pictures from TIME magazine - and some others books. I had fun anyhow...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Making Clouds

I only started playing with stuff freely available, and TagCrowd made this, a bit alphabetical

'is academy acid agaric ago alli although america anton appears appropriate apr art associate associating auction audio aug author basement believe better bill bit blanking blog bloggers bloom bobby bogus book brain brainsturbator brown builds cage campbell cantos captured charles church circus clinamen clip coffee college comments cool cow curses damn data days dec dedroidify depression derren disclosure discordia doctor douglas dreaming dreams drug duchamp elements emery etc explain fall feb finnegans flavor fly foundation free fucked future gaia gate gets gnosis god going gravity hicks high-tech home hunahpu hypnosis idea illuminatus imagine initials inspiration institute interlude introductory irish james jan john jokeland joseph joyce jul jun kelllerman labels language leaf league leary links live logic lottery lsd magazine magus maps mar marilyn martin matter maybe maybelogic mcluhan media members menstrual million mla molly monroe moon neurotransmitting news nlp note nov numbers occult oct odd online operations oyesesyeses past pataphysics patient perilous pm post posted posts prank probably productions promises properly psychedelic raw read reading reads really recorder redux refurbished resource resumed review roaratorio robert rushkoff s23 sacred seems sep setting share simply sinclair site skip sleight-of-hand sole something sounds split-screen stage stop study stuff supernatural surrounded synapses synthesized taken tape taz theatre thinking thinks together toto tribe true trust uk ulysses understand understanding uses virus visuals wait wake war wearing weeks whatever whole wiki wilson wings words worked zenarchy

created at

Then I tried Wordle

Wordle OM
And finally, tried a few different Wordle settings for a Maybe Tale - you can tweak them onsite for fun...

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


James Joyce, Ulysses, Chapter 18: Penelope

Marilyn Monroe on James Joyce's Ulysses

"Oh yes, dreams. I know they are important. But you want me to free associate about the dream elements. I have the same blanking out. More resistance for you and Dr Freud to complain about.

I read his "Introductory Lectures", God, what a genius. He makes it so understandable. And he is so right. Didn't he say himself that Shakespeare and Dostoyevsky had a better understanding of psychology than all the scientists put together. Damn it, they do.

You told me to read Molly Bloom's mental meanderings (I can use words, can't I) to get a feeling for free association. It was when I did that I got my great idea.

As I read it something bothered me. Here is Joyce writing what a woman thinks to herself . Can he, does he really know her innermost thoughts. But after I read the whole book, I could better understand that Joyce is an artist who could penetrate the souls of people, male or female. It really doesn't matter that Joyce doesn't have ... or never felt a menstrual cramp. Wait a minute. As you must have guessed I am free associating and you are going to hear a lot of bad language. Because of my respect for you, I've never been able to say the words I'm really thinking when we are in session. But now I am going to say whatever I think, no matter what it is.

While reading Molly's blathering, the IDEA came to me. Get a tape recorder. Put a tape in. Turn it on. Say whatever you are thinking like I am doing now. It's really easy. I'm lying on my bed wearing only a brassiere. If I want to go to the refrig or the bathroom, push the stop button and begin again when I want to. And I just free associate. No problem.

You get the idea, don't you? Patient can't do it in Doctor's office. Patient is at home with tape recorder ...

Well, that's something for you to sleep on, Doctor.

Good Night."

BONUS! Sally Kelllerman reads the end of Molly Bloom's aforementioned monologue, much to Rodney Dangerfield's delight, in Back to School. (The sounds pretty low on the clip, you'll have to jack up your volume)

and if you notice, at the end, the first book on the class' reading list is Finnegans Wake!


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