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The Wormwood Star

Curtis Harrington's 1955 portrait of Marjorie Cameron (second wife of Jack Parsons) and her art...

Some details of the film from Dangerous Minds

Marjorie Cameron Parsons Kimmel on Wikipedia

The Cameron-Parsons Foundation
 Excerpt from the Foundation biog:

 In the early 1960s she corresponded with Joseph Campbell, citing her interest in his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces, as well as in the fiction of Hermann Hesse and Isak Dinesin. Consumed by myth, and the idea of protean growth, Cameron depicted the process of metamorphosis and transformation in hundreds of line drawings where ominous figures and landscapes emerge from uniformly striated, passionately articulated ink marks. Other gouache drawings and paintings depict mythic figures of her own creation engaged, in ritualistic, symbolic acts.

Communication from E.C.C.O. (maybe)

Coincidence Control Publishing plan to reprint an unabridged version of Programming and Meta-Programming in the Human BioComputer on May 15 2014.

Press Kit

Portland, Oregon, March 2013: “In the realm of the mind, there are no limits.” Over forty years have passed since Dr. John C. Lilly’s experiments into neurobiology, altered states, artificial intelligence, and dolphin communication inspired him to write these words. Now, a decade and a half into the 21st century, we still cannot fully comprehend the true depths of the human consciousness. Yet there is a strong sense that breakthroughs may be just over the horizon.

With this in mind, it’s worth taking note of the new, unabridged edition of Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer, being released in May. This long out-of-print classic from 1968 by famous “fringe” scientist and floatation tank inventor Dr. John C. Lilly explores the unlimited potential of the human mind.

The book acts as a sort of “operating manual” for our brains, drawing on experiments Lilly carried out in the late 1960’s during his time at the National Institute for Mental Health. By pushing his body and brain outside of their normal limits, Dr. Lilly was able to explore and map an enormous range of altered states of consciousness. Using these experiments to develop theories on how the mind is structured and programmed, Dr. Lilly outlined ways to overcome mental roadblocks and reprogram the way we think for the better.

With over 25 years having passed since the last unabridged printing, the full work has been widely unseen by the general public, even those interested in Lilly's work specifically. This new edition allows for Dr. Lilly’s research to be appreciated in a wildly different scientific and cultural climate - one likely to be far more accepting. With vast advancements in our understanding of brain function, as well as computing and artificial intelligence, the theories laid out in this work, formerly considered “fringe,” can now be appreciated for what they are: groundbreaking, innovative, and highly intriguing investigations into the nature of the human mind by a scientist ahead of his time. Coincidence Control Publishing (CCP) reports that they had to go to great effort to obtain the rights to the unabridged version, and are thrilled to offer a full reprinted edition to the modern-day community. Graham Talley, one of the owners of CCP, thinks the work is perfectly in tune with the current desire for positive self-change and biohacking, saying: “We are a generation who is enthralled with biohackers like Tim Ferriss, making Lilly’s intense forms of personal experimentation and optimization from over five decades ago more relevant now than ever.”

Can't detect a price on their website, yet...but used copies of earlier editions seem to get offered on Amazon for hundreds of dollars/pounds.

Always assuming this cheap paperback / Kindle edition is one of the abridged versions.

"In ones life there can be peculiarly appropriate chains of related events that lead to consequences that are strongly desired. After such experiences, one wonders how such a series of events developed; sometimes there is a strong feeling that some intelligence (greater than ours) directed the course along certain lines which It/He/She was/is programming. Several years ago, I enunciated a format for such concatenations of events, somewhat: 

"There exists a Cosmic Control Center (C.C.C.) with a Galactic substation called Galactic Coincidence Control (G.C.C.). Within which is the Solar System Control Unit (S.S.C.U.), within which is the Earth Coincidence Control Office (E.C.C.O.). The assignments of responsiblities from the top to the bottom of this system of control is by a set of regulations, which translated by E.C.C.O. for humans is somewhat as follows:" 



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