Wednesday, October 14, 2020

New venue for the ONLY MAYBE ARTS LAB


The ONLY MAYBE ARTS LAB has found a new home in the venerable PD forum.

This was a project that started over the summer in support of the virtual Maybe Day event on 7/23/20.

The idea being to bring together some of the innumerable creative people influenced by the Discordian lives & ideas of Robert Anton Wilson, and establish a mutually beneficial art scene of sorts, and see about using RAW's legacy as the launch pad for new trajectories of thought & language :)))

The preservation of RAW's ideas, as he expressed them, seems to be on rock solid ground, with the RAW Trust and Hilaritas Press meticulously and wonderfully producing definitive editions of his books and facilitating new media adaptations. Also, with places like the RAW Illumination Blog, the RAW Semantics Blog, and 2 RAW Fan Archive sites (US & DE), it's safe to say that RAW's oeuvre is safe and secure.

And with that being that case, I kinda want to do some joy riding, because the neuro-semantic context of the sensory-sensual continuum has changed considerably in recent years, with all signs pointing towards increased acceleration, and so I think some new models, metaphors, and methods might be just the thing.

As a proof of concept, I edited a 77 page digital zine called NEW TRAJECTORIES, with contributions from 23 wonderful RAW exegetes, released on MAYBE DAY 2020.

A promising look of things to come... Maybe!

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Daisy Eris offers advice for creating a show

 "So if you too are struggling with a part-written show, or would like to try your hand at writing a show for the first time - this is the course for you! Perhaps this invitation is just the kick up the backside you've been praying for...?"

We were too slow off the mark with this information, as the first class has already SOLD OUT, but apparently they are working on offering another, concurrently.

For full details of the course(s) go to The Cockpit Theatre site.

[taught on Zoom]

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Happy Maybe Day!

Publishing this a little late for the EU and the UK, but a few hours of the 23rd July 2020 remain in the US of A, etc.

For details of some collected material from the old MLA graduates, please visit

For people new to the MLA and its history, you can find a brief account here, written for the Hilaritas Press, who have taken on the task of creating new editions of RAW's works, proofread, with new intros and afterwords, new covers, everything new - and the money goes towards RAW's family, unlike previous editions.

Alternatively, just dive in!  New Trajectories (pdf)


Member of the NEW TRAJECTORIES webring