Friday, April 10, 2015

Lifted directly from Cosmic communications related to the Cosmic Trigger Play. If you missed it the first time round (Liverpool and London) try to catch it in its next incarnation.

An Update for The Cosmically Enthused

All Hail Discordians,

Let's take a moment to hail Cosmic Dom - who built the website, budgeted the show, ordered many of the crowdfund perks, oversaw their postage, erected the *#@!* projection scaffold, had his shoulder wept upon, and indulged in many an all-nighter with a spreadsheet. All for the love of Bob and an occasional sandwich.

Now he's been at it again - and updated the website to include a gorgeous gallery of pics by Jonathan Greet, a fantastic collaborators page (phew-eee, what a fine bunch) and many other tweaks and twiddles. Please take a look! Are you there grinning ear to ear, off your Discordian chops on Pure Bob?
Finally, a plea - did you write a review/ post/ testimonal about your Cosmic Trigger experience? If so, would you be so kind as to send a link for inclusion on the website? Reviews

Or has your trigger been pulled, resulting in an extraordinary stream of synchronicity and creativity that you are currently chasing? Better let us know about that too. We'll report in to Cosmic Coincidence Control Centre and link to it on our Cosmic Tentacles web-tab.

Here's one: Kate Genevieve has created an illustrated record of the dreams folk had in Liverpool the night after the show... The Oneiric Archives

Toodle pip til next time.

PS. If you await news on T-Shirts, it's a-comin'

xx xxx Daisy

Thursday, April 02, 2015


As reported by Tom Jackson on

A dynamic duo tackle Pynchon

“Michael Johnson and Peter Quadrino have jointly released two blog posts that focus on Thomas Pynchon's epic novel Gravity's Rainbow.”

“Both discuss Timothy Leary's fascination with the novel; Michael focuses more on Leary, while PQ offers more of an overview. Do read both pieces.”

The Allure of Gravity's Rainbow and Its Mysterious Author
by Peter Quadrino

Fugitive Thoughts: Timothy Leary's Reading of Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow
by Michael Johnson

(I really enjoyed this titanic team-up and thought it wd be fun to sneak into the mix!)



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