Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lost treasure and random access

As well as publishing, we have always used this blog as a node, a common reference point - and have collected some fine links which you will find lower down the right hand side - under Like-Minded Links. Social bookmarking, I guess, in a primitive form.

So while we find ourselves drawn away to other pastimes, and the posts slow down on this site, please do take time to check out some of our favourite (favorite) stuff.

For instance, and at random:

Joyce in Images

led me to the "ERREARS & ERRORIBOOSE" WORKSHOP which happened in Zurich
It was organized by Fritz Senn, with Ruth Frehner and Frances Ilmberger (Switzerland).

It was devoted to "the pervasive occurrence of mistakes, fumbles, errors, howlers, and misunderstandings" in Joyce's works. It took its title from FW140.32.

Hakim Bey's The Temporary Autonomous Zone

online Oblique Strategies

I got simply “Water” this time

There’s a whole discussion on of OS on Enoweb

Or on the OS website

Here’s another randomizer

And another

Oh, and you can still buy a card set at Enoshop UK for £30.

But that’s how easily I get side-tracked. There’s the wonderful Brainsturbator resource
The anarchy archives

The Gravity’s Rainbow Wiki

If you prefer a Yuk the try the Sub-Genius page,
Or the art of the Prank

or if you lean to the intellectual and find Marcel Duchamp intriguing, then try tout-fait (it’s in English)
M. Duchamp employing an oblique strategy
Go into the Grey Lodge Occult Review and, like Chapel Perilous, you may find years have gone by when you emerge (or is that the faerie-mound, oh well…)

For the bookish, we often have referred to the Sacred Texts site

And so on.


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