Friday, December 13, 2019

New tv series based on Illuminatus! trilogy

A most astonishing announcement, a well-kept secret for some years, a tv version of Illuminatus!

You can find ongoing details about this plan, over on, and this post contains the complete press release, with details of the production company, etc.

Friday, November 01, 2019

RAW reading groups

In the last post I mentioned studying "The Widow's Son" with an online reading group, but did not add a link to it, partly because we have already reached Week 10.  However, the introductory post, and subsequent comments from the group remain a resource for future reference. Start at Week One, here.

The very same site ( has all kinds of other resources worth looking at.  Among many other treasures, interviews, etc, it  has hosted several reading groups, and all the posts can still be found online, so check it out, if you are reading any of RAW's books - you can find specific groups for:
  •  The Earth Will Shake
  •  Email to the Universe
  •  Cosmic Trigger
  •  Coincidance: A Head Test
  •  Illuminatus!
  •  Masks of the Illuminati
  •  Quantum Psychology,

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

First make a distinction...

I find myself working with a reading group, currently “The Widow’s Son” (the second of the Historical Illuminatus trilogy).  Buy the new edition from Hilaritas Press, or work from an old one, if you wish.  We have reached maybe halfway.

In the process of looking closely at the text, a fleeting reference came up to “The Laws of  Form” by G Spencer Brown.  We have a couple of posts in the past of this blog, about this text, which you can find with the tags at the end of this post.  They also contain quite a lot of links to other related material…

I decided to follow up, a little (I love spin-offs) and discovered a recording of GSB’s voice, when he presented some talks at the AUM Conference (1973). Fascinating, as ever, to hear the voice of a writer.

As well as the recording of the first part of the first session, you can find slightly erratic transcripts of four sessions online.  Comparing the sound recording to the transcript of session one suggests that the transcripts of the other three sessions might prove incomplete or inaccurate.  Hard to tell.

It becomes obvious why RAW found him interesting, as the basis of his investigation lies in engineering (logic circuits for transistors), not abstract thinking (formal logic).

Here's audio of the last 30 minutes, before GSB left.  You will find the text in the transcripts above.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Remastered RARE footage of the Belle Isle Love-In 1967 w/ John Sinclair

A thousand thank you's to Margaret Krammer and Wayne, and to William Olivas, all who made this available.

"A secret look into the early MC5 at the infamous Belle Isle Love-In!
"This happened a lot when we played at big, highly charged public events," recalls Wayne Kramer, noting the notorious Belle Isle police riot of April 30, 1967, a free concert that Detroit media cast as "Love-In Turns to Hate".
The MC5's original photographer and first tour manager Emil Bacilla shot this rare footage of the band on Wayne Kramer's 19th birthday, April 30th, 1967.
With commentary recorded in 2004 by Wayne Kramer, Dennis "Machine Gun" Thompson , and Michael Davis.
Footage remastered by Margaret Saadi Kramer and William Olivas, 2019.

Friday, February 01, 2019

Resonance radio - Ken Campbell Archive

Daisy Eris Campbell and David Bramwell have worked on Ken's archive, and sampled his one-man shows, which have begun to appear online.  See link below.


‘Everybody You Know Is Some Kind of Arsehole’


Live from Epping Forest: KC performs his penultimate one man show, Ken Campbell’s Meaning of Life — A Letter to Robert Anton Wilson. With additional reminiscences from James Nye.   

Find it on the Frogweb.

You can also find some other recordings of Ken, at Playback Arts.  There are some fascinating and relevant books, there, too.

Haunting the Margins

The Dawdler's Philosophy launched a two hour podcast in November 2018, with Episode 1 on Robert Anton Wilson.

00:07:00 – Margin Haunting, Inc.

00:22:39 – RAW, the Man

00:30:00 – Margin Haunter Attributes/Margin Haunter Conditions

00:46:46 – The Incorrigible Optimist/Model Agnosticism

01:18:06 – Discordianism, Expanded/Correct Answer Machines

01:36:16 – Generalism/Drugs & Openness

They have also done a podcast on Korzybski.


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