Sunday, June 16, 2013

Universal Bloomsday!

OK, OK - just maybe 'earthwide' Bloomsday (cf: "why do all the Mr Universe awards get won by earthlings?).

As a monolinguist (UK English), who struggles with many of the complexities of "Finnegans Wake",  I, the bogus one, (not the only individual who posts to this blog) somehow find it heartening to know that the Chinese have recognised something in the text that speaks to them.

I have no idea if Joyce planted gags in the text which only emerge when pronounced correctly in Chinese.  Perhaps he made a really worldwide text (even maybe 'universal', although we await alien translations of the puns and Ur-language).

Very few people have the language resources to tell - with a full overview. Bloomsday in China

Anyway - OM wishes you a delightful and inspiring Bloomsday, wherever you find yourself on 'Sunday 16th  June' (Gregorian calendar).


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