Friday, September 16, 2016

RAW auction 2016

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Matters of the heart; One of my personal loose ends is sorting through my remaining boxes of my parent’s possessions. A couple of the possessions I have integrated into my daily life, an object sitting on a shelf, or a shirt hanging in my closet, a book in the bookcase.  But the truth is everything else stays all boxed up, and relatively useless unless you feel like developing muscles lugging boxes around. I don’t, and it is time to make these items available to others who may enjoy them.

To do this, I am setting up an E-Bay auction, to list a number of RAW collectables, along with “just random” stuff that belonged to Bob and Arlen, my parents.

Before you make assumptions about whatever will be listed, and why I would do this let me explain! In late 2007, I also sold some memorabilia, as I needed desperately to raise money to take care of Bob’s past debts, family needs, and to take some financial weight off me as I attempted to help my brother. I was so grateful for folk’s interest and support, and was deeply touched and amazed at some of the notes I received!

Fast forward to today; I have several boxes, not a lot, as Bob and Arlen really never owned much. And, most of what they did own was often second-hand, well-used, etc! But… I have a sense that some folks would really enjoy having an object infused with RAW’s history and life; whether every-day stuff, or not! And, again, the income (whatever is received) will help to pay bills, and move Hilaritas Press forward!

For instance; I have Bob’s lovely Aran Fisherman’s sweater made by John Molloy of Donegal, Ireland that he bought in Ireland for warmth (photo above). It is too big for me, my husband doesn’t wear sweaters, and someone might just think it would be awesomely cool to write their own masterpiece while wrapped in a sweater of RAW’s!

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Back in the day, several of us bought bits and pieces, to help pay Bob's tax bills, or whatever.  Here is your opportunity (if you believe in that psychometry stuff).

Me personally? (the bogus one)
I love having the T-Shirt that he got given for his appearance on Politically Incorrect, even if he never actually wore it!

Watch this space, for further news of eBay auctions.   Or stay in touch with Hilaritas Press.


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