Friday, August 25, 2006

"Angel Tech", a review.

"Angel Tech is a guide for the realisation of the multidimensional self. It is also a workbook for an Invisible Institute of Higher Learning where teachers walk amidst our daily lives, ready to share the appropriate education towards our inevitable graduation. These teachers appear directly from the No Coincidences Department in a vast array of cloaks and guises... and These teachers are us."

"Here are the great neurological scripts of the past synthesised and modernised for our day: the Tarot, Cabala, Alchemy, the Hindu Chakra system. And here to - praise be to the Sun Absolute! - is a refreshing absence of the Cant, the pomposity and the deliberate mystification that makes most books on those subjects unreadabe" Robert Anton Wilson, author of Prometheus Rising.

Available from:
A course, facilitated by the author, runs from Sept. 25- Nov.19 only at

This book was written for Karma Mechanics and those brave souls surfing the crest of humanities futures. That means you, me, your next door neighbour, architects, intellectuals, artists, scientists, hippies, heroes, bogeymen and even literary critics. Perhaps especially for literary critics.
Facilitating greater communication between right and left hemispheres of the brain, while at the same time assisting in the expansion and development of their creative expression, this is a rip-roaring rollercoaster through the very essence of what makes us human, taking us high upon the turrets of our devilishly crafted structures - the initial feeling of peril being replace, or perhaps refined, into wicked-dangerous-fun - and showing us a glimpse of what lies beyond.

This book is like horseradish sauce to my surloin steak, cranberry to my vodka, and a skeleton key to the limitless expression of the multiple personalities i have for so long tried to keep locked in the basement. "A guide to the realisation of the multidimensional self", it states, but...

What in the name of talking red cabbages does that mean? Is this just another book offering enlightenment, power, knowledge, success, riches, 1000 virgins and extra ketchup with your happy meal? Hell no! This is a book offering a workable formula that, once imbibed, will give you the fantastic, once in a lifetime, oppotunity to take a look and how you got where you are right NOW, and how to get where you want to Do (also RIGHT NOW!). If used correctly, this book will trample on your answers, eschew your beleifs, rape your sense of certainty, kill both your hopes and your fears, and arrange an appointment for a face to face meeting with the big man himself - you, the decision maker! At which point you will hopefully have more good questions than answers, and the fortitude to take risks based upon a hunger for something new and exciting.
Taking as its foundation Timothy Learys 8 circuit model of the mind, a psychological model based on the law of octaves, it explores the connections between mind, body and the universe (our environment), utilising the ancient technologies and devices inherent in tarot, alchemy, the Hindu Chakra body, cabala, astrology and other systems in order to discover a deeper sense of freedom and more creative ways of interACTing with our world.
The hardware for this experience is divided into 2 "schools" and 8 "grades". The first school (focussing on the terrestrial circuits 1-4) is concerned with "Karma Mechanics", those of us committed to designing our own lives, with the skill and wisdom needed to effect positive actions, rather than relying on the robotic repetitions of our preconceived REactions, often conditioned through unwarranted punitive methods and thus instilling fear in anything they touch. These grades contain all the needed information on surviving on this planet, even thriving on this planet.
The second "school" is concerned with developing intelligence beyond survival on this planet. There are only a few things we need to do in order to survive this planet, and in fact they are simple. This school is for those brave souls who recognise, organise and transmit possible futures for this world, for my world, for yours. Beyond simple survival there are infinite possibilities for the future touch, flavour, colour, smell, sound and shape of this one mighty rock in an ocean of life. Chapters focus on the 4 extra-terrestrial circuits of the mind, dealing with humanities purpose (entelchy), its collective story and higher orders of space, time and intelligence than the ones sold to you on ABC or FOX.

Its a no non-sense, uncensored exploration through deep space, covering ground usually reserved for the intellectual elites of NASA and James Bond.
Included in these simple, de-jargoned instructions for crafting your own reality and maintaining your spaceship are enlightening excercises and lots of fun pictures. One point I have to make is that Antero has crafted this book like a chef, taking all the readily available ingredients (such as well known models of the psyche) and preparing them with experience, skill and a passion for fine dining. Rather than a collection of old techniques regurgitated for a quick profit, it is an exquisite 8 course meal served at the five star hotel of your mind.

Amor et Hilaritas

Just a quick note to say Bob has some more items going up for auction on eBay.

Help pay for his medical bills (including medical marijuana for the pain of post-polio syndrome) and his carers - well I dunno, maybe his rent and bills - if he gave you anything in your life, from a bright idea to a belly laugh, from a glimpse of hope to a profound thought - now you have a chance to return the favour.

The auction includes books, magazines, T-shirts (worn by the wholly holy one himself - probably holey), and later this week a Tarot deck (one card at a time) and some more of the very hard-to-get Discordian currency the Patatow, etc.

Oh, go look here, and bid merrily.

Note: You may need to refresh the search page to see latest bids.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Academy has a student bar

Vico's Bar can seem quite strange as, although it feels like quite an intimate bar, it has many hidden extensions and dimensions.

You may find a series of asymmetrical and diverse rooms each of which, at various times, has become specialized for various activities. No one has a full map of the rooms, and very few people have access to all areas, yet no secret hierarchy seems apparent - far from it - in certain rooms (designed to demystify authority figures with dressing up and uniforms and mirrors and such like) you can grant yourself any title you chose, pick any costume you like, and get treated accordingly for the rest of the evening. You get what you wish for. If you dress as Royalty or Celebrity, and then start to take the next door in search of the best room that you could imagine, various large bodies may delay you, steer you, monitor you, look after you - sometimes asking what you would like to do from a very limited range of options, and never leave you alone for a moment. You may get the finest dope available, but you probably won't be allowed down into the main room, which resembles a combination of a western saloon, a smugglers' tavern and a tapas bar in Seville, with clusters of lucid dreamers and virtual realists, chaoticians and magicians, and all the other occupants of border territories. Royalty and celebrity do not always find a warm welcome in such an atmosphere.
possible view of the secret laboratory
The original design of the building incorporated several studio spaces, as well as workshops, cutting rooms, a small laboratory (allegedly), the film library and onward and outward to the better known of the quiet rooms, the Borges Memorial Library of Babel, the Aleph Sanctuary and the Bucky meditation dome. The louder rooms include the club and the theatre. It might sound a bit hectic, but the rush hour at the original opening has died down now. Sometimes, since the MLA Tavern has also opened nearby, you can ask the bar staff to real glass Klein Bottle by Mitsugi Ohnoreach behind the row of Klein bottles which releases the lock on the door into 'the back' and go walkabout without coming across other people, though the traces of their occupation may remain. All maps stay incomplete, as other occupants and participants repaint walls, knock through doors, and seal off areas for performance events, leaving the building permanently changed.

As for those back rooms, people go in and people emerge, and the stories they tell often seem like some elaborate hoax of a traveler's tale, but the atmosphere in the room when they come out may tend to encourage such elaboration on the (probably mundane) truth. Callahan leans on the bar, wiping glasses, and pays attention. Behind him, pinned to the wall, you can see a yellowed piece of paper with these words:

Top Ten Reasons Why Beer is Better than Jesus

10. No one will kill you for not drinking Beer.

9. Beer doesn't tell you how to have sex.

8. Beer has never caused a major war.

7. They don't force Beer on minors who can't think for themselves.

6. When you have a Beer, you don't knock on people's doors trying to give it away.

5. Nobody's ever been burned at the stake, hanged, or tortured over his brand of Beer.

4. You don't have to wait 2000+ years for a second Beer.

3. There are laws saying Beer labels can't lie to you.

2. You can prove you have a Beer.

1. If you've devoted your life to Beer, there are groups to help you stop.
Several tables regularly fill up with those who enjoy to speculate on the possible current state of play of the building. Here in the airlock of the building punters dropping in for a quick coffee, a smoke and a game of backgammon mingle with the hardcore arts laboratory crew and the workmen, the theoretical physicists with the intertextual cut-up crowd, and those attempting to compile and update an accurate map of the whole building and its attractions. visualization classes seem very popular, at the moment. Just by multiplying a real number and an imaginary number, you can set your mind to generate fractal patterns, and then roam at will up and down the self-similar fields. The class use for a text Tesla's first notebook, before he took off on his Man Who Fell To Earth phase - pouring patents out and letting Edison get the credit for electricity - and all that later material offering free energy, universal communication and so on (those later notebooks probably remain in the possession of various Intelligence Agencies).

The Mind Map on the wall just grew, I guess. Occasionally details get filled in, involuted self-referential patterns too condensed for words, leading into graphics and maths symbols. These may curl in an Escher delight, produce strange fractal miniatures and filigrees - here, there and everywhere (step ladders and Bobby and Banksy may have something to do with this) while deeper waves spread out, turning into large friendly letters...

Painters and designers shaped up these words - words have to know their place. Often someone clumsier might add large scrawled sarcastic comments, but it needs confidence and panache to do such a thing in front of this crowd...some feel safer lurking...

Still, it exists (in some sense) - and any crucial words or symbols accidentally covered up get lovingly reconstructed (if missed) by calling a Fahrenheit 451 Committee meeting which attempts to replace missing material from what anyone can remember, but as they pass Maui-Wowie round to open the committee meeting the new version often becomes accepted.

Words of power and evocative phrases often survive because of their position, or because of the grumble that goes up when wall-writers (with spray-cans at least) get even close to obscuring them.

The Alchemist has always had a seat in Escher's Corner. Sometimes you'd notice him, and sometimes you wouldn't see him - no one saw him enter or leave. Some assumed that he had a secret panel, and probably Guinea Pig B sampling the wares
slipped in when everyone in the room blinked and missed it, others thought he remained in a superposition of states until observed correctly, there were as many explanations as punters but all agreed on one thing - if anyone knew where the secret laboratory was, it was him, and that being invited to his table, though not always a comfortable experience, was likely to be extremely interesting, especially if he was looking for guinea pigs for some new concoction (he had a policy of always trying them himself before releasing them for the use of others.)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Note to Contributors

It appears that Blogger and Google have a beta test going on - which led to some strange behaviour by the system when I tried to log in today.

In the long run we will get a more flexible blog layout, greater security, etc - but for now you get challenged that you will need a 'Google Account' in order to use blogger...

If you form part of the paranoid gang (about integrated services, and monopolies, etc) then you may not like this trend, but we could always reposition ourselves later.

As it happens, I jumped through the hoops only to get told that they didn't need to upgrade me just yet...So I just wanted to let you know you might experience strange behaviour from the Blogger login page.

The Google account you will need (eventually) does not include a Gmail (google email) account - but if you would like one (and it hasn't become available in your area yet) then contact me through the forum, as I have plenty of spare invites - I have beta tested Gmail for more than a year already, and I like it.

COURSES: don't forget that courses keep happening, you can still get onto David Jay Brown's course on The Science of Sex and Drugs, which started this week.

6 week course from August 14 - Sept 24
For more information, please visit

Antero Alli will reprise his 8-Circuit course starting on September 25th.

Monday, August 07, 2006

FW - Pg 137, 8/7/06

After over a hundred page SLOG through the relentless hypnagogic babel of the riverrunning nat language, Mr. Joyce drops the jiggerypokery and talks straight turkey meet to mate.

The resistence training having paid off sparkling dividends, the well worn reader earns a bit of the familiar Ulysses style blinding clarity. The culmative effect on my neuro semantic field seems already like that of a magic mushroom feast. (a similar tweaking of connotation & denotation, the cambridge caveman speaking more of the many.) Though RAW, Leary, & Mckenna have already said as much.

I asked Joyce in a dream once where for he got all his juice. He said he had picked a fight w/ the monster in the sky (God) and no one seemed sure who had won...

Reading is awesome!


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