Friday, August 25, 2006

"Angel Tech", a review.

"Angel Tech is a guide for the realisation of the multidimensional self. It is also a workbook for an Invisible Institute of Higher Learning where teachers walk amidst our daily lives, ready to share the appropriate education towards our inevitable graduation. These teachers appear directly from the No Coincidences Department in a vast array of cloaks and guises... and These teachers are us."

"Here are the great neurological scripts of the past synthesised and modernised for our day: the Tarot, Cabala, Alchemy, the Hindu Chakra system. And here to - praise be to the Sun Absolute! - is a refreshing absence of the Cant, the pomposity and the deliberate mystification that makes most books on those subjects unreadabe" Robert Anton Wilson, author of Prometheus Rising.

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A course, facilitated by the author, runs from Sept. 25- Nov.19 only at

This book was written for Karma Mechanics and those brave souls surfing the crest of humanities futures. That means you, me, your next door neighbour, architects, intellectuals, artists, scientists, hippies, heroes, bogeymen and even literary critics. Perhaps especially for literary critics.
Facilitating greater communication between right and left hemispheres of the brain, while at the same time assisting in the expansion and development of their creative expression, this is a rip-roaring rollercoaster through the very essence of what makes us human, taking us high upon the turrets of our devilishly crafted structures - the initial feeling of peril being replace, or perhaps refined, into wicked-dangerous-fun - and showing us a glimpse of what lies beyond.

This book is like horseradish sauce to my surloin steak, cranberry to my vodka, and a skeleton key to the limitless expression of the multiple personalities i have for so long tried to keep locked in the basement. "A guide to the realisation of the multidimensional self", it states, but...

What in the name of talking red cabbages does that mean? Is this just another book offering enlightenment, power, knowledge, success, riches, 1000 virgins and extra ketchup with your happy meal? Hell no! This is a book offering a workable formula that, once imbibed, will give you the fantastic, once in a lifetime, oppotunity to take a look and how you got where you are right NOW, and how to get where you want to Do (also RIGHT NOW!). If used correctly, this book will trample on your answers, eschew your beleifs, rape your sense of certainty, kill both your hopes and your fears, and arrange an appointment for a face to face meeting with the big man himself - you, the decision maker! At which point you will hopefully have more good questions than answers, and the fortitude to take risks based upon a hunger for something new and exciting.
Taking as its foundation Timothy Learys 8 circuit model of the mind, a psychological model based on the law of octaves, it explores the connections between mind, body and the universe (our environment), utilising the ancient technologies and devices inherent in tarot, alchemy, the Hindu Chakra body, cabala, astrology and other systems in order to discover a deeper sense of freedom and more creative ways of interACTing with our world.
The hardware for this experience is divided into 2 "schools" and 8 "grades". The first school (focussing on the terrestrial circuits 1-4) is concerned with "Karma Mechanics", those of us committed to designing our own lives, with the skill and wisdom needed to effect positive actions, rather than relying on the robotic repetitions of our preconceived REactions, often conditioned through unwarranted punitive methods and thus instilling fear in anything they touch. These grades contain all the needed information on surviving on this planet, even thriving on this planet.
The second "school" is concerned with developing intelligence beyond survival on this planet. There are only a few things we need to do in order to survive this planet, and in fact they are simple. This school is for those brave souls who recognise, organise and transmit possible futures for this world, for my world, for yours. Beyond simple survival there are infinite possibilities for the future touch, flavour, colour, smell, sound and shape of this one mighty rock in an ocean of life. Chapters focus on the 4 extra-terrestrial circuits of the mind, dealing with humanities purpose (entelchy), its collective story and higher orders of space, time and intelligence than the ones sold to you on ABC or FOX.

Its a no non-sense, uncensored exploration through deep space, covering ground usually reserved for the intellectual elites of NASA and James Bond.
Included in these simple, de-jargoned instructions for crafting your own reality and maintaining your spaceship are enlightening excercises and lots of fun pictures. One point I have to make is that Antero has crafted this book like a chef, taking all the readily available ingredients (such as well known models of the psyche) and preparing them with experience, skill and a passion for fine dining. Rather than a collection of old techniques regurgitated for a quick profit, it is an exquisite 8 course meal served at the five star hotel of your mind.


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