Friday, February 23, 2007


1 Pédales 134 de l'Ere Pataphysique

Well, some stuff happened, and other stuff didn't.

I failed to get to a group event, so, like many of you, enjoy hearing the stories.

Borsky posted this in the Public part of the new Academy site. Some of the 'campus' you can visit, without becoming a member. The eclectic crew that hang around know a lot of useful stuff.

Borsky: A thread to post links to in relationship to RAW's final journey. Apart from the obvious Meme-orial sites,RAW Remembered and the main event of last weekend at RAW data
both of which by the way seem a bit silent right now Feb. 22.

In the Broad spectrum room smi23le mentioned hir filming of the procession of the ashes

Donnacha's Robert Anton Wilson London memorial

Reverend Clarry's Blog (it didn't work out)

I suppose more and more blogs 'n' sites 'n' movies will pop up in the coming weeks. Maybe lost interviews, photo albums, memories people want to share… I propose to put it in this thread for ease of use. I still hope for a decent viewing of the full Santa Cruz memorial, I can't imagine no one thought of filming the whole thing…I just found this little gem: one of the members from proposes a "RAW Cremains Mail-a-thon" in his blog This City shall Fall. Instead of ridiculing Pat Robertson, play around with the post office and 'some kind of fucked-up Hundredth Monkey effect would no doubt kick in and immanentize the eschaton or something.'

But you don't have to come here for this, you could have found it at the Forum, in the Public area under RAW Tribe.

Thanks Borsky! I didn't find time to ask for permission, but information wants to be free...

Sunday, February 18, 2007

And so it starts

I didn't make it to London, but I hope their walk/wake goes well.

Gung Hei Fat Choy!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

London Update

RAWwake - Robert Anton Wilson remembered in London
Come and celebrate the lives and ideas of Robert Anton Wilson at the

Sunday 6:30pm at Corbet Place, Brick Lane, London E1 6QL

The evening will start with an exclusive screening of Maybe Logic - the
Lives and Ideas of Robert Anton Wilson, followed by the "Random Disco" - the
most eclectic mix of music you're likely to hear, including some of Bob's
album with the Golden Horde.

Tickets £7 (or £5 with a flyer), proceeds going to Amnesty International.

Last I heard, the afternoon walk started at The Atlantis Bookshop at 1:23 (13:23 GMT)
(I could have got that wrong) These events look they might fit together for some folks.

Hail Eris!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

RAW Celebration and Levitation above Stourbridge

For a levitation on earth we require
A force vertically upwards
Equal to the object's weight

Hail Eris!

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Friday, February 09, 2007

RAW WAKE in Philadelphia, PA USA 2/23

From a bulletin posted by Radio Eris

Robert Anton Wilson Wake and Erisian Festival


Northern Liberties
Radio Eris
Oneiric Imperium
Plus improvisation, video screening, poetry and open-mike reading, crowd participation, lasagna, radical experiments in text (think exquisite corpse/cutop), an open jam session to end the night, and hot dogs with no buns

Eris Temple
602 s 52nd Street (52nd and Cedar)

Doors Open 7pm. Lasagna will be laid out at 8 pm.

$5 suggested donation- goes to bands and temple renovation.

* * * * *

We noted with sorrow the recent passing of novelist and ontological prankster Robert Anton Wilson. Among other works in a life spent raising the human spirit, RAW co-authored the ILLUMINATUS! trilogy with Robert Shea, and helped popularize the PRINCIPIA DISCORDIA, exposing a multitude of readers to Discordianism.

RAW's vision, sense of exploration, insistence on personal freedom and willingness to indulge in goofy humor were a primal influence on Radio Eris, and so we ask you to gather at our house on Friday, February 23rd to celebrate the man and his work, and partake of hot dogs with no buns.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Possible London Wake for RAW

Fu - Chinese for 'Luck' - displayed upside down, traditionally

Just a calendar reference: although the Chinese Year of the Red Pig started on the 4th February, New Year's Day happens on February 18th!

Don't ask me why New Year's Day doesn't start the year - not all calendars and festivals work the same way. And don't forget that we enter the Chinese year 4705. Makes 2007 (Gregorian) look pretty young...

According to the website linked above

The Chinese New Year day is on February 18th, 2007. This day is a new moon day, it is the first day of the first Chinese lunar month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar system. The exact new moon time is at 00:14 on 18-Feb-07 in China time zone.

If we apply Chinese lunar calendar system on the USA time zones, we find something interesting here. In the US Pacific Standard Time (PST), the new moon time is at 08:14 of 2-17-07. In the US Eastern Standard Time (EST), the new moon time is at 11:14 of 2-17-07. Therefore, the Chinese New Year day for USA time zones is on February 17th, 2007.

The new moon time is at 16:14 on 2-17-07 of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and at 17:14 on 2-17-07 of Time Zone GMT+1. That means Chinese New Year day is on February 17th, 2007 for European countries. For Asian countries, such as Vietnam and Thailand using GMT+7 time zone, the Chinese New Year Day is on February 17th, 2007, too

A Possible London Maybemorial - February 18th.

  • Bring a 99p frozen lasagne so they shall know thee
  • 1) Start at the Atlantis Bookshop off Bloomsbury square - Uncle Al's favourite and one of the only known stockist of RAW's works. Here in works a genuine top of the cauldron wiccan who worked with RAW in the 70's
  • 2) A five minute walk to the big Irish pub opposite the United Grand Lodge Temple the global Citadel of FreeMasonary - here we will raise a glass or two of porter and Jameson's to Simon Moon and Sigismundo Celine
  • 3) A ten minute walk down to Blackfriars Bridge - the mystical death place of the Hanged Man Gods Banker Calvi - here we will toast Eris, conspiracy and all who flail in her
  • 4) A walk past the NT to salute RAWs 1970's production of Illuminatus - here we toast the Artist known as RAW
  • 5) We stop at a place equidistant between the Phallic Big Ben and the Omphala London Eye - here we toast - well I suppose its the masculine and feminine principle but lets be honest its a big willy and an enormous Ladies front bottom
  • 6) We randomly pick a fine London hostlery and Wake our dear dead friend good and properOther possible RAWthematic places - - The Royal Society - we could leave a metal stone from the sky outside- Chelsea Town Hall - where Jimmy wed Norah- The British Library : notes from Joyce's work and other such writers (also has the worlds oldest book - a proto Internet n'est pas?
  • If you come I can only promise to make up for my tawdry remisses and offer you a Blake-worthy wander through the Big Smoke

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The passing of the torch

This is a repost of something I wrote in my own blog.

Robert Anton Wilson has left the building.

I add my voice to the chorus -- what now?

I find the timing a bit disturbing. Just the night before, I followed a compulsion to write some things down.

Forgive me, Papa Bob-
I went and turned you into an Idol (for a while, anyway)
In doing so, i swallowed whole a delightful menu...

Maybe I took "maybe" too far.

Ever go to that place that feels like the existence of,
say, a dog, is no more or less certain than the existence of
the IPU (invisible pink unicorn), or Eris,
or a 9/11 conspiracy, etc?

Oh, Bob, poor Bob, he warned against this-
Even going so far as to print a
at the beginning of TSOG!

Let's take a looksie...

1. The author of this book hereby warrants and gives assurance that the readers have no obligation to believe everything-- or anything-- in it. Nor does he hope to reveal the absolute & final truth about any topic discussed.

2. Readers must warrant and give assurance that they will not believe or disbelieve any part or parts of this book until they have given some time to careful examination of such a part or parts; and that they will file everything herein under "maybe" until or unles slowly arriving at "true" or "false."

I looked up from reading that just now and saw Papa Bob, in my living room, pointing a frail arm in the sky and intoning
(in that delightful laughing voice of his)

"Think for yourself, schmuck!"

And Korzybski chimes in:
There are two ways to slide easily through life:
To believe everything or to doubt everything.
Both ways save us from thinking.

And there's the Buddha-
My teaching is a raft whereon men may reach the far shore
The sad fact is that so many mistake the raft for the shore

I read these things and I feel that I know them, deep within me.
So why do I continue to make the mistakes?

And I know all kinds of crazy shit, but what am I doing with it?
Am I living it?
Am I spreading it?
Am I setting an example with it?

Nevermind what everyone else does -
I can no longer justify my lack of action by rationalizing
that someone's out there doing what I'm too
bored and disinterested and lazy to do anything myself.

And if I can't find meaning for myself, then what will propell me to action?
If nothing else, I feel I owe it to Bob to do something other than go about the motions of a life.

Papa Bob, I'm sorry that my own weaknesses and "buttons" kept me from your company so much.
I'm sure that it didn't bother you much, as you were with so many who love you.
I guess I'm more sorry to myself than to you, actually.

I'm sorry that I take the easy way out, that I avoid confrontation, that I don't stand for anything.
I look back at 10 years of comfortable, monotonous, lazy life and say to myself -
"What now? Are you gonna let another decade go by before you decide to do something?"

Thus ends the piece I wrote just hours before he took off from this earth.


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