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Passages from Finnegans Wake (1965)

"A half-forgotten, half-legendary pioneer in American abstract and animated filmmaking, Mary Ellen Bute, late in her career as an artist, created this adaptation of James Joyce, her only feature. In the transformation from Joyce's polyglot prose to the necessarily concrete imagery of actors and sets, Passages discovers a truly oneiric film style, a weirdly post-New Wave rediscovery of Surrealism, and in her panoply of allusion - 1950s dance crazes, atomic weaponry, ICBMs, and television all make appearances - she finds a cinematic approximation of the novel's nearly impenetrable vertically compressed structure.

With Passages from Finnegans Wake Bute was the first to adapt a work of James Joyce to film and was honored for this project at the Cannes Film Festival in 1965 as best debut."

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The Art Instinct

We may not be quite as zealous as Dawkins here at OM, but discussion of the evolutionary origins of humans and human behaviour still bears fruit.

I just read The Art Instinct, and enjoyed it immensely. This doesn't read as esoteric and obscure art criticism, but neither does it dismiss all the modernist experiments. I won't try to summarize it here, as it has an excellent website of its own...

The Art Instinct

He has a lot to say about Duchamp's wonderful Fountain (you can see it in our header) because it was an outright winner of 'most influential piece of art of the twentieth century' back in 2004.

Many people remain offended, but that may come from their misreading that to mean 'being' the 'BEST' piece of art of the 20th Century - not the original question in this survey, of course.

Some people just enjoy upsetting themselves and feeling outraged. Come on folks, this happened 90 years ago! Keep up....

And yeah, Newsweek's survey in 2007 came up with a different answer. So much for experts.

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RAW Sharing:

Robert Anton Wilson...
Top of my list of great heroes,
And he shared a wiccan-warrior vision of internet as a
Global revolution,

Characters and equations
A tale of the tribe, new conversation
Language vs. The Equation.
And he left us 36' books and 1000’s of articles
Maps and metaphor's for future circuits

Helping guide any thinking individual
Compelled to continue processing
The tale of the Tribe, maybelogic & RAW’s
Special language equations:


A RAW internetwork of his quality critters,
Epic and Recyclopedic field of influence,
All-at-once when
Processed with the rhythm,
LSD coated page-side bombs explode
Turning the flatted page into
Radiating the readers consciousness
The page and – off – the page
into pypa-space.

Sharing Pound’s ‘Ideogramic method
Sharing Joyce’s ‘Hologramic Prose & Epiphany & Finnegans Wake'
Sharing Bucky’s ‘Synergetics and Planetary design-science
Sharing Shannon’s ‘Information Entropy and BITS
Sharing Nietzsche’s ‘Eternal Return and influence upon Existentialism’
Sharing McLuhan’s ‘Global Village & The medium is the messsage'
Sharing Bruno’s ‘Pantheism and Decentralized Multiverse
Sharing Vico’s ‘New Science & Ricorso’
Sharing Orson’s ‘Cinematic Methods
Sharing Fenollosa’s ‘Chinese Written Character Poetry
Sharing Yeats’s ‘Gyres, Symbolism & humanitarianism’
Sharing Gesell’s ‘Natural Economic Order'
Sharing Popper’s ‘Open Society'
Sharing Remy De Gournmont’s ‘Dissosociation of Ideas’
Sharing von Neumann’s ‘Theory of Games and Economic Behavior
Sharing Leary’s ‘Eight Dimensional model of consciousness'
Sharing Reich’s ‘Bioenergetic Force
Sharing Crowley’s ‘System of practical Magick
Sharing Korzybski’s ‘General Semantics & English-prime
Sharing Alfred Jarry’s ‘pataphysique’

RAW transfers a torrent of open ideas
Wrapped up in cutting satire, oozing Hilaritas
Sharing ideas that have shaped the 21st century,

The information radiates from his gestalt-texts
Although he is not here
to add further clarity & feedback
What he left still has the revolutionary potential -
A completed circuit of a perfected (life-work)
A Tale of the tribe, tied up with a Mobius
Spider-silk bow-tie.

Email to the Multiverse of Tweets
& Hyperverse Blogs of Great Old Hags &
Books by Pyrateas with
Links shared...

--Steve Fly.

Unearthed | Robert Anton Wilson P.1 from Kivastone Pictures on Vimeo.

Unearthed | Robert Anton Wilson P.3 from Kivastone Pictures on Vimeo.


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