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Dedroidify: a re-search resource

For people who think of blogs as one person's lone rant in the world, I would like to point out that this particular blog remains a collaborative adventure for many interacting-processing minds, with no editorial position (or editorial censorship).

So to balance any bias you may perceive, from previous links to selected items, I (for one) want to make sure you don't miss out on the dense research on a wide variety of topics that you can find at Dedroidify.

You can find a treasure trove of RAW material there, but a lot more related material besides.

Permanent links to mosbunall the interesting stuff  we have come across appears in the links down the right hand side (given that blogs remain more time-linear than websites - but you can use the Tags, the Site Search, the Imperfect Index, etc to dig deeper).

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

We're not in Milton Keynes anymore, Toto....

"All perception is a gamble" --Edmund Husserl

"Alchemist: We began in a fairytale and we came to life, but... is this life reality? No. It is a film. Zoom back camera. We are images, dreams, photographs. We must not stay here. Prisoners! We shall break the illusion. Goodbye to the Holy Mountain. Real life awaits us." --taken from Alejandro Jodorowski's "The Holy Mountain"

I noticed this post over at Dedroidify a couple of days ago, concerning photos of Harry Potter actress Emma Watson with "Be Emma" written in biro on her chest. This has caused some "mind-control" watchers to speculate that Watson "is" under some sort of control.

Dedroidify links to another site, called PseudOccult Media, which documents all sorts of media-types, particularly actors and fashion designers, photographers and models who have fallen under the "MK" (mind-kontrol, I'm guessing - after the infamous CIA program, MK-ULTRA) spell. The idea 'is' that the 'super-rich' and the "Illuminati" are finding these fame-hungry, abused souls and elevating them to 'star-status' to push the Illuminoid/rich cabal agenda. Mosbunall of them "are" groomed for slavery from a very young age, so the theory goes.

Benjamin Singleton, the bloke who runs the "PseudOccult Media" blog, goes through various TV shows and photo shoots, pointing out all of the symbols. A checkerboard floor has to do with masonic rituals, leopard/tiger print clothing and shoes 'are' the symbols of a sex-kitten slave, owls represent the worship of Molech, black/white patterns are suggestive of 'duality', having one eye obscured in a photo symbolises the "all-seeing eye", butterflies 'are' supposed to be Project Monarch. There's also plenty of numerology and letter symbolism thrown in for good measure. You have to know how to read the code, I guess. To me, some of these blogs almost seem like "Heat" magazine for paranoids. The bloggers seem sincere enough, though and they do go a long way to explain what they perceive as signals from the 'New World Order'.

Me, I dunno - mosbunall of it appears to be a "Thinker Thinks, Prover Proves" situation. If you're convinced that Britney Spears "is" mind-controlled, you'll find ample evidence to back up your suspicions. Likewise for fashionista photog David LaChapelle or Katy Perry. Then again, maybe they really 'are' under some sort of MK-ULTRA control techniques--I don't want to completely dismiss any of the bloggers as freakballs and nutjobs. I'm not sure if they're accomplishing their missions, either - if it's to make crap films and records, then I guess it's a resounding success. All facetiousness aside, I'm not really bothered if Lindsay Lohan spends her weekends at Area 51, making tin statues of Molech while dancing on a checkerboard floor..or if Disney's latest teen 'MK' opus makes trillions. I don't buy any (or intentionally listen to) Madonna or Miley Cyrus records. I don't really follow what fashions the "Pinks" (in Sub-Genius parlance) are into, or what their musical or film tastes would be. This may make me a 'blinkered' and 'sleeping' critter, according to these blogs. I agree that Disney product seems abhorrent, being as it 'is', a mega-corporation with profit-making as it's ultimate bottom-line, but I try not to contribute directly to it's income (some CDs I purchase may be linked to it somehow).

I find these theories, at least for me, raise more questions than they answer. If I were part of the "real" Illuminati - would I make these masonic & symbolic 'clues' quite easy to spot, for someone who's looking for them? Or maybe I'd do that to deliberately throw any potential sleuths off of my trail, while saving the real code only for the 'inner circle'. Also, why infiltrate the fashion industry? Most of the Pinks can't afford the haute couture clothes. I personally don't look at any fashion magazines and a cursory look at my wardrobe will bear out any doubts as to my fondness for avoiding the latest trends. I guess the shadowy ones have a fondness for teenage Western girls' cash...maybe they did some market research. I suppose it's just one more branch of the media to control. Why mind-control yokels like Cyrus and Spears? Are they more susceptible than intelligent writers and musicians? Pop tarts seem to have a limited shelf-life..why not someone who'll be around for awhile (maybe that explains Madonna)? To paraphrase R.A.W., if this "is" the power-elite - they seem to be a bunch of fuck-ups to me.

So it appears I'm safe from this insidious programming attempt.......oh no...they got Alison Goldfrapp too? Damn! I've got a few of her records. I may have to get rid of my Electric Light Orchestra Eldorado album also--I forgot to mention that The Wizard Of Oz "is" a huge mind-control touch-stone, according to the conspiracy theorists. Sheesh..even The Simpsons? I have to wonder if there's some sort of counter-conspiracy going on. I mean, I wonder what agenda the people that wrote that "W.O.Oz" site have? Another thing R.A.W. said was that he doesn't believe there's one over-arching conspiracy - but several going at once, looking to undermine each other. There does seem to be a bit of a right-wing X-tian slant to some of these sites and blogs--all this anti-Masonic/Bilderberger/royal family stuff and concern over the welfare of children in an almost patronising tone. Hmmm...that does lead into the murky depths of Mask/Anti-Mask and Chapel Perilous. If the concern over these 'celebs' allegedly being mind-controlled is genuine, why not alert them? It all looks to be very voyeuristic to me--just waiting for the fresh news story or photo shoot or music video to pick over the symbols and colours.

I'm not convinced by any of the above 'evidence', but it does seem to be an interesting reality-tunnel to explore for a few days. Overall, though, I'm keeping my sense of agnosticism keen--after all, it's all just maya, illusion..isn't it?

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Black Magick and Curses

I don't seem to have re-read much of Bob's since he died. Of course, he had pointed students off in all directions (apart from his own work) so many of us found ourselves becoming Joyceans and researchers of Ezra, and suchlike.

Anyway, I started browsing through Email to the Universe last night. When it came out I rushed through it, feeling (like many completists) that much of it was familiar material - perhaps a compilation from his publishers because he had not completed the promised Tale of the Tribe - which we had all anticipated so much, before he fell ill. Actually, I love the haiku in that book (which you may also find elsewhere).

One chapter that grabbed me last night, however, was called

Black Magick and Curses

and I immediately remembered that Bob had set it as a text on his Quantum Psychology course. I wanted to find it online for you to read, but feel sad to say that I can only see it posted at the American Buddha site, which I cannot recommend. Apart from their awful taste in colours, their peculiar attitude to copyright, and their downright disrepectful treatment of their Buddhist teacher (oh, do yer own research!) I just get a bad vibe from the site. But I digress.

I could post the complete text myself (I have it in the book, anyway, and also as the original course material) but I don't want to upset the RAW estate. I might pass it to the official RAWilson Fans site, who seem to have established a right to compile RAW material as a research resource.

Or you could just go buy the book! Fellow researchers could always email me for a copy - for personal use only.

The essay itself seems to me a fine example of Bob's amusing, thought-provoking, challenging style. It rapidly ranges through General Semantics, NLP (the meta-model of precise language and verifiability, and the Milton model of ambiguity and projection), magick, placebos and curses, and a whole host of other fascinating subjects - lucidly and tantalizingly and briefly.

It seems like compressed and dense material that rewards a bit of unpacking, and further research.

I'll come back later (gotta clean the pond and walk the dog) and maybe offer some quotes at least... Here's a teaser:

In other words, the distinction between "magick" and "communication" exists only in our traditional ways of thinking. The uncanny Egyptians attributed both inventions to a single deity, Thoth, god of speech and other illusions.

In the existential world -- in the sensory-sensual continuum -- Thoth still reigns and language still has magick. All communication contains sorcery and/or hypnosis, because humans use howls, snarls, yaps, purrs, gargles, gurgles etc. -- noises of many sorts -- to create a neuro-semantic "grid" projected upon all incidents and events. We generally call these grids languages.

We literally "see" incidents and events only as they register upon that grid.

If I use certain words that cause you to have certain predictible neuro-somatic reactions, I have cast a spell upon you. I have enchanted you. I may even have cursed you.

[Sure you want to know more about this?]

And it ends:
Leary and Barritt

Whosoever speaks in any tongue gives birth to blessings and curses.

& if the uncanny Egyptians made Thoth the father of both language and magick, the canny Greeks made Hermes, their version of Thoth, the god of both language and fraud.


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