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Chapel Perilous online course

The concept of Chapel Perilous, a weird kind of limbo, period of transition, purgatory, etc turns up in RAW's work a lot, but (rather like the Grail) it proves illusive when you try to research it.

Eric Wagner (author of An Insider's Guide to Robert Anton Wilson) - if you don't like Amazon, see it at New Falcon Publications) - intends to run a course on the subject (if enough people show up) and posted this intriguing and tantalising summary on the Forum.

The Pentacle of Valor

Week One Cosmic Trigger Preface to the New Edition, Forewords, pg. 3 – 52
Conspiracy of the Week: Subterranean Worlds
Late Beethoven Pick: The Hammerklavier Sonata, Op. 106
Introductions; memorize the Crowley quote on page 18.
Does Apocalypse Now provide a useful model of Chapel Perilous? Dobbstown?Possible meanings of “Rising organ music.”
Agnosticism, Angels and Demons and the Illuminati, etc.

Week Two Cosmic Trigger pg. 52 – 114
Conspiracy of the Week: Tampa Bay: Chemical Warfare
Late Beethoven Pick: Piano Sonata in E, Op. 109
Korzybski, Joyce and the economy, etc.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Permanent Fifth Circuit, casting spells and Info-cinema, etc. Alan Watts, D. T. Suzuki, zen and the eight circuit model, etc.

The Cup of Sympathy

Week Three Cosmic Trigger pg. 114 – 180
Conspiracy of the Week: The Terra Papers
Late Beethoven Pick: Piano Sonata in A Flat, Op. 110
John Lilly, dolphins and limits, etc. Dr. Leary and the 21st century, etc. Why Beethoven? Egypt, Crowley and the Grateful Dead, etc.

Week Four Cosmic Trigger pg. 181 – 247
Conspiracy of the Week: THELEMA, yup, welcome to Chapel Perilous
Late Beethoven Pick: The Ninth Symphony (of course)
Crowley’s relevance today. Sufis, fake Sufis, kabbalah and quantum mechanics, etc. Sirius, Mumbo Jumbo and Pynchon, etc. The tarot, The Game of Life, Jess Karlin and education, etc.

The Sword of Reason

Week Five I, Wabenzi pg. 1 – 113
Conspiracy of the Week: Kerry Thornley
Late Beethoven Pick: Piano Sonata in C Minor, Op. 111
I hope you’ve gotten a copy of I, Wabenzi.
Have we any Wabenzi in the class? Not I, alas. Illumination, the lack thereof, 2012, etc. The Cosmic Schmuck Factor.

Week Six I, Wabenzi pg. 114 – 227
Conspiracy of the Week: The Three Tramps
Late Beethoven Pick: The Missa Solemnis
“How was your time on earth? What did you do there?How did it feel to you at the time?” Storytelling: Chapel Perilous as narrative process.

The Wand of Intuition

Week Seven I, Wabenzi pg. 228 – 351
Conspiracy of the Week: Tobacco Wars: Genetically Engineered Tobacco
Late Beethoven Pick: String Quartet Op. 130 and the Grosse Fugue
The heart and the third eye, etc. What do you think of Beshara, Bulent Rauf, Rafi Zabor, etc.? Bliss and ease, etc. Historicism, “a great unstoppable wave,” the 60’s, the present and the future, etc.

Week Eight I, Wabenzi pg. 352 - 472
Conspiracy of the Week: Trilateral Commission
Late Beethoven Pick: The Ninth Symphony
The role of the teacher at Beshara or Maybe Logic. Abū abd-Allah Muhammad ibn-Ali ibn Muhammad ibn al-`Arabi al-Hatimi al-TTaa'i (أبو عبد الله محمد بن علي بن محمد بن العربي الحاتمي الطائي). One reality versus many. Chapel Perilous, the musical.

Course texts:

Cosmic Trigger: The Final Secret of the Illuminati
-- Robert Anton Wilson

I, Wabenzi
-- Rafi Zabor

8 week course
May 18 - July 12
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