Saturday, October 26, 2013

Playing Cosmic Trigger

Daisy Eris Campbell has written a play based on RAW's Cosmic Trigger.

In London, on the evening of October 23rd John Higgs and Daisy Eris Campbell put on a lovely event titled "The late, great Robert Anton Wilson." I went along with some friends from the Maybe Logic Academy and the audience also comprised a mix of Forteans, Discordians and Bob fans. John Higgs talked about some of Bob's central themes. Then after a small interval Daisy Campbell with some actors performed a scene from the play.

The project is going to need to raise funds, and at this stage donations of £23 or multiples thereof will be a great help.
Anyone who makes this donation before the Kickstarter project is launched next year will be on the guest list for The Grand Discordian opening night. (UK or USA).

Down the line there will likely be a kickstarter project for this.
Some of the things to do are: the forming of a Theatre Company, sorting out a Website and finalising the rights from the RAW Estate etc.

So write an e-mail now to get on the mailing list.

The E-mail address is: cosmictriggerplay at gmail dot com

You can use paypal, or if you would rather use online banking, E-mail Daisy and she'll send you the details.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013


I've set up a RAW tumblr to go along w/ the @RAWilson23 twitter account. Which works something like this:
@RAWilson23 passed 700 followers yesterday, which isn't half bad!

Far less than the nearly 7,000 of @Robert_A_Wilson or the nearly 10,000 of @R_A_W.  I'd consider myself severely redundant except that @R_A_W is basically just Huffington Post blog spam w/ no actual relevance to RAW's works, and @Robert_A_Wilson, while doing a really excellent job of spreading RAW's quotes and ideas, (better than I do admittedly!) seems to only & always promote  A perfectly reasonable and respectable thing to do, but it does encourage me to continue my own efforts to find and share the RAW works & thoughts of others (along w/ my own of course!)

"for to irrigate the Willingdone"
James Joyce, Finnegans Wake


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