Thursday, June 30, 2011



without pip center/ever changing cyclic world/Brunocentral
gods hero's and men/recycling through the ages/recorsi vico
eternal return/the gods Nietzsche left us here/beyond either or
oak branching forces/ideogramic method/Fenollosa trees
spatial symbolist/weasels fight in a chamber/before the war Yeats
Ezra made it new/cantos brewing history/juxtaposition
Joyce cracked the cypher/hologramic comedy/to make Einstein cry
word is not the thing/no such noun only see verbs/motion in the thingzskis
...went in for structure/geodesic dymaxy/futurz Fullerene
Boolean Logic/and electrical switches/bit twinned by Shannon
turn on tune in drop/Joyce in digital village/Ez save McLuhan
Orson at hawk's well/cinema collage life force/fake filter buster

--Steve fly agaric 23.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

In memory of Bob, an interview from 1991

Happy Bloomsday!

"...good puzzle would be to cross Dublin without passing a pub".

Apparently (I haven't gone to test the theory out) a solution to Bloom's musings appeared after using a computer programme.

Some dispute still exists, in terms of ignoring restaurants and hotels where passers-by can get a drink, but still a very worthy effort, I reckon.

Ulysses (page 53 in some editions)

Leopold musing...

Where do they get the money? Coming up redheaded curates from the
county Leitrim, rinsing empties and old man in the cellar. Then, lo and
behold, they blossom out as Adam Findlaters or Dan Tallons. Then thin
of the competition. General thirst. Good puzzle would be cross Dublin
without passing a pub. Save it they can't. Off the drunks perhaps. Put
down three and carry five. What is that, a bob here and there, dribs and
drabs. On the wholesale orders perhaps. Doing a double shuffle with the
town travellers. Square it you with the boss and we'll split the job, see?
How much would that tot to off the porter in the month? Say ten barrels
of stuff. Say he got ten per cent off. O more. Fifteen. He passed Saint
Joseph's National school. Brats' clamour. Windows open. Fresh air helps
memory. Or a lilt. Ahbeesee defeegee kelomen opeecue rustyouvee
doubleyou. Boys are they? Yes. Inishturk. Inishark. Inishboffin. At their
joggerfry. Mine. Slieve Bloom.


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