Thursday, April 07, 2011

WebBrain and mind maps

We continue to meet up here and there, and try different tools out, especially ones that could allow us to collaborate. Right now I (the bogus magus) have started playing with brains and plexs (dynamic mind maps), but haven't found a satisfactory way of publishing the dynamic brain just yet - or gotten into sharing. I offer a still image for the moment... You can find the dynamic version of this stored at WebBrain here, so you can play with pulling the web of connections around, changing the views, glimpse how it works. The basic form of Personal Brain comes free, so to find out if it seems like just an amusing toy to you, or a useful tool, why not try it out. I haven't come to any conclusion about it yet... I also stuck a small version of the brain onto the OM website, a site which hasn't evolved at all recently, as it started as an experiment with the website Google offers you with any account...


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