Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Maybe Bucky would feel impressed

A Japanese design company has come up with an elegant solution to the problem that Bucky solved with his Dymaxion Map, of showing the countries and continents of Earth so that all were correctly scaled (unlike most of the maps we may feel familiar with (The Mercator, The Peters, etc).

Even better, using principles of origami, they have made it so that it can actually be made into a globe!

You can find all the details about how they figured it out on their website, here.

They certainly acknowledge their debt to Bucky's original work (you can see his Dymaxion map on page 3 of their explanation) - but in some ways their map looks less odd than Bucky's (which can also be folded into a near globe).
Bucky's Dymaxion Map


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