Friday, May 15, 2020


A virtual celebration of the lives and ideas of Robert Anton Wilson. 
It will go live on July 23rd 8:08 AM EST at

We'll be putting together a zine, a collection of video presentations,
and whatever else we dream up in the meanwhile.
Working title for the zine is "NEW TRAJECTORIES"
I'd also like to arrange a couple of panel discussions.

I've set up a discussion forum to help facilitate communication & collaboration:

Do please feel free to pop over, make an account, and say hello!

Approximate deadline for submitting zine content is July 1st
& July 15th for video presentations.

LMK if you have any ideas, questions, and/or concerns!

You can contact me at the OM Arts Lab or at

Friday, May 01, 2020

Information = Surprise

For Jacques Vallée:

...synchronicities possibly provide evidence that reality is based on information, and how consciousness interacts and accesses it:

If you believe that the universe is a universe of ‘information’, then you should expect coincidences. You should expect, since we are an information machine – that’s what our brain is, it’s primarily an information machine and consciousness gives us the illusion of a physical world and there is an illusion of time – if this is the case, then you can expect coincidences. It’s like putting a keyword into Google or Yahoo!; you put it in and get a lot of relevant information back. That doesn’t seem strange to me because that is the way that information has been organized. Maybe the universe is the same way. If it is this way, then coincidences are nothing strange. It is just an indication that this is the way that the universe functions.


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