Sunday, October 14, 2007

One Thing After Another

Still gotcha red and green 3-D glasses?
9 Haha 135 de l'Ere Pataphysique
Boomtime, 68th of Bureaucracy, YOLD 3173
I realised the other day (when a new MLA student asked who or what did RAW refer to) that we have a new world ahead of us. Our founder, teacher, friend and collaborator moved on, and left us the Academy as one of his legacies (along with some 35 books). It now has a life of its own.
Bob's good humor lives on
This blog started as a student ezine, and has slowly ended up more-or-less written by me (for the time being). As I have my own particular quirks, it no longer represents a real cross-section of the student body's interests, merely my take on everything. I try to remain focused on MLA stuff (I have other blogs for other interests) but for a better sample you might want to visit the open part of the campus(in spite of a recent invasion of pseudo-visitors - a horrible viral marketing ploy by Oh, don't ask! No really. Don't, it only encourages them.)

Still, you could always search the archives through the link on the right, or the Index, if so inclined.

Time On Your Hands

I don't know how the future of Blogger works out, but I guess this will remain as some sort of record of the times. I continue to add links (that may well reflect my own obsessions) because I find it useful (and I hope you may, too) to have one reference point to keep some favourite places to wander and wonder, when you have some time on your hands.
Bob Dobbs
The weird calendars (by the way) come from Bob's interest in such human constructs and grids. And when I say 'Bob' (around here) I refer to Robert Anton Wilson (RAW) of course. Elsewhere, I might mean Dylan, or Bob Dobbs...
Dylan - Masked and Anonymous
"God spelled backwards is Dog, but Bob spelled backwards is still Bob".

I wish I had a palindromic name!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

That's as maybe...

A new set of courses has started, and a whole new bunch of people arrived - mingling in the general forum, but coming for Erik Davis's course on The Crazy Wisdom of Philip K Dick (why oh why didn't I join that one!) and Douglas Rushkoff's course - TECHNOLOGIES OF PERSUASION: From Propaganda to Paranoia - which started today. (Well, OK, yesterday by 5 minutes in the UK time zone, but San Francisco has 5 p.m, and New York 8 p.m. on October 1st, so I feel partly correct!) You can find an interview with Rushkoff in the Info-Cache blog here (or see link in the right hand column).

It feels terrific to have an infusion of fresh minds arriving through different channels, and the 'old crew' seem revitalized themselves, producing a really exciting new edition of the Quarterly.

Go to DeepLeaf Productions (permanent link on the right) for details of future courses, like Antero Alli's much anticipated Astrologik: Astrology Without Tears, starting 29 October.

Starhawk and Phil Farber have courses scheduled for on we go...


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