Saturday, March 31, 2012

Robert Anton Wilson memorial library and archive

You will always find links to this famous site in our sidebar, and in various posts, but we'd like to highlight the new incarnation of the RAWilson Fan website.

It always had the deepest and widest collection of Robert Anton Wilson material collected, collated, and ready at your fingertips, but here it comes again, not only with a new look, but with new material as well.

Just go visit, why hang around here with us late-arrivals? - Go To The Source.

You will find images, texts, interviews, audio samples, video, a forum for discussion, etc.

 Be prepared to declare yourself unavailable for social media interaction for a while...

And the bonus: artwork by our own Bobby Campbell, currently re-visioning the covers for Bob's books...

Here's some of Bobby's artwork for one of RAW's greatest books (IMHO) The Widow's Son.

Much thanks to Quackenbush, Joseph Matheny, et al (Hi Al!)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

One drop changes everything

How extraordinary to see a film about acid - perhaps the 21st Century will eventually become rational (or at least unhysterical) about the issue.

Ken Kesey and Furthur

To supplement the film - The Substance -you can find an excellent website, with details of the film, showings, and also sections on the current legal situation, applications and other fascinating stuff - About LSD.

Albert Hofmann, quietly researching, long before all the nonsense


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