Monday, March 13, 2006

Interplay of Fallen Angels

We finally find ourselves in Day One of Antero Alli's new online course for the MLA, ANGEL TECH: The 8-Circuit Brain in Theory and Practice
and he has posted the first assignments and projects in the relevant forum. Although he recommends certain published books as source material, he confirmed that virtually everything you need will appear as links to Web material, or privately posted material for students.

This week's stuff already looks beautifully conceived and presented to me, so it feels as though the course has a strong hand at the wheel - and now the students have started to gather and introduce themselves - a good-looking mixture of new faces and MLA regulars (the Academy started on 23rd July 2004).

This blog represents students (paying customers) so don't mistake a recommendation for an advertisement. If you want something stimulating to get involved in, which might even increase your intelligence (however you define that), why not check this syllabus out?


Harimander said...

It's the early in the second week of the course now, it's going strong. Wonderful course, as relaxed or intense as you want to be. Why not join on? Nothing to lose aside from a little cash [and a lot of B.S.], but everything to gain.

I encourage anyone and everyone to delve into the course material.

Bogus Magus said...

Hi Michael, good to see you! I reckon we must represent the two extremes of the age-group Bell Curve in the forum...

Between us we should manage to appeal to almost anyone!


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