Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Thoughts are for Thinking

We are all relative programmers, programming each other at all times. We are all satisfaction machines, constantly attempting to satiate our insatiability. On auto-pilot, we satisfy as best we can our pattern recognition system, which operates from fear/love. We are always holding on to something. Something is always at stake. Death is already here. What is there to be scared of?

Fear is the name for the mechanism of action through which contraction takes hold. All mask emotions stem from fear.

Love is the name for the mechanism of action through which expansion takes hold.

Mask emotions serve the purpose of a decoy. If one is not able to experience emotions closer to truth, a level of emotion farther from truth will be experienced, for your ego's safety, to cover up the more expansive (but more ego decimating) truth of Love. Mask emotions create and perpetuate a sense of duality and tension in day to day life. They are created through psychological projection of one's own insecurities and fears. All that is ever truly experienced are your own projections. If you are full of hate, you will surround yourself with an energy field of hate, and the world will appear hateful. If you are open to Love, Love will be open to you.

This is the story of the ever-evolving struggle between contraction and expansion, The No-Flows vs. The Flow. It's an incredible absurdity, all based on the identification of the (Ego) with (Form (including language, thought, and any other structured symbolic offspins thereof)).
Naturally, evolutionarily, we've got no choices. The only constant is the quality of impermanence.

Attachment is like trying to swim upstream. Structure is innately repression. Control is innately contraction.

It seems to me like the fear is of knowing one’s own unadulterated grandeur.

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