Friday, March 24, 2006

All is Truth

Mind and Matter are but one, inextricably linked unit. There is not matter without the mind to perceive it, just as there is not mind without matter to be perceived.

Matter without mind is a mirror, lest a beholder. What then is to be reflected? The mirror is imageless.

Mind without matter is a stream without land. Mind, then, would not manifest, as the stream, then, would be an infinite, shore-less, ocean.

Mind and matter act upon each other, as a stream acts upon the Earth and vice-versa. The stream erodes the land, it smoothes the rocks, yet all the time it flows; seemingly guided by the land that is truly just as much guided by the stream.

Is it the water that shapes the riverbed, or is it the riverbed that shapes the water? I say it is neither, because one does not exist without the other. The riverbed is not given shape without the water, just as the water is not given shape without the riverbed. They are one and the same.

Just as time and space can not be uttered separately and so we say: “Space-Time” we should also be saying: “Mind-Matter”.

If we follow this train of thought for a great enough distance we see, however, that there is not a thing that can be separated. This is because anything we can possibly imagine can not be separated from all of the other things that we know. So, then we say the mind is the source of all things, since the mind seems to give rise to perception, but it is impossible to know the mind alone. We only see a reflection of the mind. The best we can do is to acquire hints about its nature; it’s essence.

This essence is that upon which all manifestation occurs. That upon which all structures are projected, and all maps are imposed.

All of reality, is but one.

NoThing can be taken as individual, it is all a part of the whole. We can only see parts in relationship to the other parts. Anything that has meaning only has that meaning in relationship to these other parts that form the very same whole. How then can we judge anything? It will only be judged in the context of other things, which then can only be judged in the context of still other things- eventually circling around to form an infinite loop. It is not fair to hold others to your personal standards since they were created through your own subjective experience. It is only fair to judge relative to the standards of whoever is being judged.

There is no objective meaning. It simply can not be so. Because of the illusion of meaning, which can only be derived from a sense of false knowing that leans upon itself to form its very foundation, there appears to be separation. It appears that people do things other than what can simply be put as “peopling”. Separation is but a grand delusion. Language creates this false knowledge. Articulate thought, as it can be called, that we “civilized”, “intelligent”, and “rational” human beings believe puts us as superior to all other life-forms, has it’s entire mode of operation founded upon division! The only truth is the whole. Anything divided is simply an illusion that is holding itself up by its own bootstraps!

I urge everyone not to simply read and rationalize this. Don’t just take in what I’ve written, take it further and try it out for yourself. Integration is extremely important. If you don’t agree, that’s fine, but I ask you if only for one day, or one week, or one month- stop looking at things and immediately dividing, categorizing, and judging. Try switching the focus from content to context. The big leap in awareness is the switch from an EXCLUSIVE perspective to an INCLUSIVE perspective. Instead of operating with fear and tension in control, let love, compassion, and relaxation be your guides to more expansive states of understanding. It will require constant awareness to change preconditioned patterns, but if only for a day’s experiment, it’s more than worth the effort.

Reality rests in your hands.

As Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

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