Monday, March 20, 2006

Blessed Be! Day = Night

Ah yes, the Spring Equinox arrived again, and the days will soon appear longer than the nights (yippee!)

The new edition of Maybe Quarterly has now appeared online, for your enjoyment.

Plenty of music from DJ Fly, sweet art from Bobby, a fascinating piece by Kent on Book-binding of Grimoires, etc, poetry from several people...another piece from Paul Krassner...why not go take a look?

I came across a delightful Ecological Calendar when looking for an Equinox image to cheer up your day (even if several images I have used just got lifted from the web, and not always properly credited. I try, but I don't feel like a legal purist about images found in Google).

Still, visit the Ecological Calendar site (created by Antenna Theatre, who also sell furniture, greetings cards (at left), etc.

IN-JOKE: for those of you doing Antero Alli's course, it might amuse you that Antenna Theatre's Intro page says they RECEIVE - TRANSFORM - TRANSMIT Pretty smart, huh?

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