Wednesday, January 11, 2017


It seems hard to believe that RAW died ten years ago, on 11/1 (UK) or 1/11 (US).   He died on Albert Hoffman's 101st birthday (when Albert was still alive and well) so that makes this Hofmann's 111th birthday.

111 appears repeatedly in Finnegans Wake, where it refers to the feminine principle, Anna Livia Plurabelle, often written as ALP (which cabalistically adds up to 111).   It seems entirely appropriate for Finnegans Wake to receive a reference (given the latest gossip) as the male hero, HCE, is guilty of watching two girls peeing in the park (not the most common sub-plot in a novel).  Most of the  current political news makes the Illuminatus! trilogy seem more like fact than fiction.     Uncanny.       RIP RAW.        Dove Sta Memoria.

DOVE STA MEMORIA (Where Memory Lives)

"Please pardon my levity, I don't see how to take death seriously.
It seems absurd. "  - RAW

Friday, January 06, 2017

Don't hold your breath in Santa Cruz

Hail Eris
It seems as though the plan to put on the Cosmic Trigger play in Santa Cruz - originally announced for this year - has gone on hold, (for a variety of reasons) but Daisy Eris Campbell may well visit the USA to promote the project.

Mama Sutra

The good news remains that the production will make an appearance in London, in May 2017.  

21 performances at The Cockpit Theatre.

Do whatever it takes to get to see this production!   

8 Circuit Brain song and dance
From the current newsletter:

"Hello you lovely Discordians,


So yes, I have publicly announced on at least 23 occasions that we would be making a pilgrimage to Santa Cruz, where Robert Anton Wilson lived and died, this year, the 10 year anniversary of his death.

This kind of public declaration worked a treat for pulling the Cosmic Trigger in Liverpool on November 23rd 2014, but that's the thing with Cosmic Triggers - they have a tendency to go off in your hand. And I think, bathed in the glory of our last adventure, I got a little trigger happy.

We're not - we now realise - at the Triggering phase when it comes to Santa Cruz. We are still very much in The Finding The Others phase.

So instead I'll come to the US this summer to stir up enthusiasm for a future happening. Tell me Stateside Dwellers; where shall I enthuse, who shall I meet, how shall we scheme? I'm thinking 13-23rd July to coincide with Robert Anton Wilson Day and the start of the Dog Days. But I'll come whenever you call.

I'm truly sorry to disappoint anyone who was all set for the Santa Cruz pilgrimage performance - but let's meet up when I'm there, and before you know it we'll be happily pulling Cosmic Triggers together."

Daisy  x  x

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Aleister and Adolf

The latest from Douglas Rushkoff, with images by Michael Avon Oeming.

Review on Boing Boing (has a range of images from the book)

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Starseed Signals - re-appearing

"Starseed Signals, a Robert Anton Wilson book written in 1975 during a period of close collaboration with Timothy Leary, finally will be out soon.

The final touches are being put on the production by the publisher, RVP Publishers, and the book is supposed to be out during the first or second quarter of 2017, according to information given by the publisher to RAW fan Chad Nelson."     Thanks to

And, just for fun, an hour of Bob, if you want it...


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