Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Maybe Quarterly recovered

[work in progress - will get tidied up, and improved]

When the Maybe Logic Academy ran, under Bob's direction, we evolved this as a student blog, and that led to us creating a magazine, Maybe Quarterly, which ran for 14 online editions, and one actual paper copy.

The magazine got stored on the academy server, so when that failed, we lost everything, and all the links here, to material contained, got broken.  I decided to rescue what I could, using the Internet Archive (The Wayback Machine).  I found most of the contents, although some images have gone missing (presumably stored elsewhere), and inevitably some links don't work.

You will find some amazing contributions, however, so I will launch this post, and probably finesse it as time goes by (linking to individual articles, etc).  You should be able to read the magazine in sequence, using the "Next" button at the foot of the page, or click on the index on the first page(s) to go to specific content.   I will add authors later.

Cover art by Nick Helwig-Larsen
Edited by Kentroversy
• MQ Mission Statement • Editor Welcome • Hocium Pokium• Crowley's Cat • Ellipses vs Spheres • MQ RAW Interview • Involution• Cellular Criticism• Conspiracy, Coincidance & Code • Creating the Center of the World • You Might Call Her Tiamat • Lamen and Sigil 741• Start of a War • Occult Theocracy• The End of 18 • Canto XXII & The Waste Land as Modern Infernos • HOLeY BIBLE• Believe That, and You'll Believe Anything• Are U, R?• My Stumblings in Chapel Perilous• Untitled 1.0 • MQ Colophon

MQ#2 Cover Art by Nemo
Edited by Kentroversy
• Leroy Valentine• Agent of Evolution• Fires Burn Dead Would• Self As Metaprogrammer • I've Made My Bed• HOLeY Bible, Part 2• Four Steps Forward• Plato Play-Doh• Kevin Booth Talks About Bill Hicks• Escape Velocity• Spaceship of Consciousness• New Game Rules• Wu Wei• Prose Logic• Lamen and Sigil 741: A New Magickal Life• The Dream Quest • Maybe Quarterly Submission Guidelines• Colophon 

MQ#3 Cover Art by Bobby
Edited by Kentroversy

• Aye, I Captain• Kevin Booth Book Review • Flybog O'Crillic• The Gavel• Tsarion Interview• Soma Day, Same Love • Maybe Logic DVD review• 23, That Goddamn Number • U.S. Economic crash research • Hollywood• The Stairs • Colophon

MQ #4 Cover Art by Zachariah Hoffman West
under new anarcho-syndicalist editorship (whatever that means) particular thanks to Acrillic...

• Editor Welcome • History Plurality• Time• Disneyland Memorial Orgy • A Painter Ponders• EKozmic Renaissance Interview • Why Trance • Departure • MLA Chaos Magic • Jazz Octave • Time Piece • 17th September 2001• Autumnal Angel • The Magick of Maybe • In the Windows of My Youth• Four Seasons • New Science of HipHop Culture

MQ#5 Cover Art by Bobby Campbell
Wrangling by BogusMagus

 Editor Welcome • Albert & the Horus Aeon! • Karmic Economics: Pure Capitolism • Finnegans Wake as/i fly agaric •Let's Dream Awake • Towards a 'patakabbal • A Well Meant Fragment • Amulet for the Caged Dove • Falling On Deaf Ears • Pygmy Hut Architecture • I Wouldn't Want to Play Cards with Him• Creation of the Magickal Motto • Rich V Wealth• Tired Old Tips

MQ#6 Freeform editor FlyAgaric23
Cover Art by Chu

 • Editor Welcome • Ghost-Monkey-Robot• War In Pieces • Further Weirdness with Terence McKenna • Always Assuming • Most Treasured Souvenir • Me Am Smile• Race Across Water • Royal Bookbinding • Melody of Dynamism• Osirius Jones • Its Alright Matter

MQ#7 Cover Art by Betty DeRespino

• Pookie • Peter Carroll Interview • Neurotarot • Unfamiliar Places • Pinchbeck Interview • Giving Cynicism A Bad Name • Some People's Kids • Howordz Way • Freeman Perspective • Phaistos Comic • Miscellanous Chaos

MQ#8 Cover Art by Antonija Anic-Antic

• Robert Anton Wilson Meets Fly • McLuhan • Psychedelic Experiments• Some People's Kids • Thelema Coast To Coast • Digital Time Capsules • MiniProp • Self Portrait Card Game• Code-Breaker Interview • Putiphars Azenine Garden • Rare Crowleyana Reviewed • War In The Sun • Canto LXVI Hyperlinked

MQ#9 Cover Art by Bobby Campbell

• Just Like Everyone Else• Hands In Solemn Praise• What Rough Magic• Liber Al Commentary 1• World Piss• Some People's Kids III• Coming Round Again • All You Can Be • Interview With God • Virgin & Pigeon

MQ#10 Cover Art by borsky
sombunall MQ10 music by Trimtabulous Cabal / Kokopelli Foundation
Special RAW Meme-orial edition

• A Little Light • Bob Haiku• Ewige Bloom and Craft • Flights • What About Bob? • In Memoriam • RAW E-mail Exchange • RAW RIP • A RAW Stone • Patapsychology & Maybe Logic • RAW Data Comments• London RAW Wake
dove sta memora

[No cover image available for #11]

MQ#11 Cover Art by Fly 23

• Inundation of the Nile• A MLA Primer V.1 • 5 Haikus for RAW • Hondo's Big Sister • The Mind Playing Tricks On Itself• Work of the Tribe 001 • Big Justice • Inspired by the structural analysis in von Neumann and Morgenstern's Theory of Games and Economic Behavior Mirror

MQ#12 Cover Art by Bobby Campbell

• Bhumi Sparsa • Nine Characters in Search of an Author • None-Word Sense • F For Fake Reviewed • The Pelican and the Rose: A Templar Angle • Truth & Soul • Beyond E-Prime • Hermetic Bruges• Ideogrammic Massage for the Universe• 23 x 17• Stagnancy

MQ#13 Cover Art by Purple Gooroo

• Maybe A Metaphor • A Tribute to Robert Anton Wilson• Food Fight • Magical Matters • Year One • Flower of Life • PKD Crazy Wisdom Notes • Liber AL vel Lols• For Qu Yuan


• Cough It Up • Fattening Flies For Frogs For Snakes • Maybe Astrologics • How Scrappy The Dog Became Schroedinger's Cat • The State Of The Art• Teo Macero And The Art Of The Cut-Up • Khizr Kachoo • 1 Saturn• After the Tricycle It Comes Always The Bicycle • The Living One

And then we managed to make a hard copy (MQ #15) - a magazine that still exists here and there in the real world.  I have a few in a box at the old house.

Friday, December 13, 2019

New tv series based on Illuminatus! trilogy

A most astonishing announcement, a well-kept secret for some years, a tv version of Illuminatus!

You can find ongoing details about this plan, over on RAWIllumination.net, and this post contains the complete press release, with details of the production company, etc.

Friday, November 01, 2019

RAW reading groups

In the last post I mentioned studying "The Widow's Son" with an online reading group, but did not add a link to it, partly because we have already reached Week 10.  However, the introductory post, and subsequent comments from the group remain a resource for future reference. Start at Week One, here.

The very same site (RAWIllumination.net) has all kinds of other resources worth looking at.  Among many other treasures, interviews, etc, it  has hosted several reading groups, and all the posts can still be found online, so check it out, if you are reading any of RAW's books - you can find specific groups for:
  •  The Earth Will Shake
  •  Email to the Universe
  •  Cosmic Trigger
  •  Coincidance: A Head Test
  •  Illuminatus!
  •  Masks of the Illuminati
  •  Quantum Psychology,

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

First make a distinction...

I find myself working with a reading group, currently “The Widow’s Son” (the second of the Historical Illuminatus trilogy).  Buy the new edition from Hilaritas Press, or work from an old one, if you wish.  We have reached maybe halfway.

In the process of looking closely at the text, a fleeting reference came up to “The Laws of  Form” by G Spencer Brown.  We have a couple of posts in the past of this blog, about this text, which you can find with the tags at the end of this post.  They also contain quite a lot of links to other related material…

I decided to follow up, a little (I love spin-offs) and discovered a recording of GSB’s voice, when he presented some talks at the AUM Conference (1973). Fascinating, as ever, to hear the voice of a writer.

As well as the recording of the first part of the first session, you can find slightly erratic transcripts of four sessions online.  Comparing the sound recording to the transcript of session one suggests that the transcripts of the other three sessions might prove incomplete or inaccurate.  Hard to tell.

It becomes obvious why RAW found him interesting, as the basis of his investigation lies in engineering (logic circuits for transistors), not abstract thinking (formal logic).

If you want to actually read the text of Laws of Form, you can find it online, here.

Here's audio of the last 30 minutes, before GSB left.  You will find the text in the transcripts above.


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