Friday, March 31, 2006

Behind the Green Door

Antero’s AngelTech class has proved as stimulating as we hoped. He has set us plenty of interesting tasks that get us away from the keyboard and monitor, as well as offering plenty of subjects for discussion with quick, sensitive and witty feedback.

I don’t feel that all of the 77 participants have spoken up yet, but I hope they have found time to do at least some of the exercises, and fill in their workbook.

For myself, I feel that the material may keep me busy for months afterwards, so if external circumstances (or inner resistance) prevent me from completing all the tasks to my satisfaction, I know I have lots to consider and to try out during the later part of the year.

Sorry if this sounds very abstract. For anyone who does know the kind of material under review, we spent last week considering the 1st Circuit (bio survival) and its link to the 5th Circuit (body rapture)…and this week we have explored 2nd Circuit (status and territory) and 6th circuit (self meta-programming, psychic).

For those of you to whom this sounds like gibberish, I will offer a couple of links to online material about this most useful mental model.
Wikipedia might give you a good glimpse of Leary’s original model.

Future Hi offer Leary’s Theory through the filter of Robert Anton Wilson

Returning to Antero’s Paratheatrical work, you might find his comments on the 8 different kinds of trance (different states of mind) intriguing.

If you want it short and sweet, try this amusing Finnish site

Enough to keep you happy?


Steve Fly said...

Thanks Bogus
When yr/ not on a course it helps to get
Some insight as to whats going on

metachor said...

I wish I was taking Alli's 8-Circuit course, but alas I could not afford it due to a conspiracy of events (moving into a new house with group of friends, several possible jobs falling through, Angel-Tech book order from Amazon never being received, etc).

Please relate more about this!

Bogus Magus said...

No doubt I will get around to expanding on the course material eventually, but suffice to say Antero asks us to do quite a lot of practical tasks and rituals, away from the keyboard and monitor, as well as the discussions, etc.

Oh, and to keep a Log book of our experiences (mine got a bit sloppy, but I like the idea).

metachor said...

Do you think Antero would mind (or you would mind) if you copied what practical tasks and rituals he asks people to do? I mean this in the sense of letting other people, who could not take the course now, to apply themselves to some of these exercises on their own time, self-directed.

Kentroversy said...

Greetings, Maybe Logic folk:

I have just stumbled upon an EXTREMELY INTERESTING 41 page quantum physics paper entitled FOUNDING QUANTUM THEORY ON THE BASIS OF CONSCIOUSNESS:

Founding Quantum Theory On The Basis Of Consciousness (April 13, 2006)

This is a pre-release PDF that is of an article that will appear in the June 2006 issue of the Foundations of Physics journal.

I kind of thought that you might be interested in reading this one . . .


Publisher and Senior Editor;
The Kentroversy Papers

The Kentroversy Papers is now among the TOP 1% of all blog sites worldwide! This is according to TECHNORATI, BLOG BEST SITES, and TRUTH LAID BEAR blog-ranking sites!

Bogus Magus said...

Thanks Kent - I may have to have my second cup of coffee before I attempt Quantum Physics.

Congratulations on running such a successful blog!


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