Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Networking cross connection synergies within the 8 circuit model
using quadratic isomorphisms!

Waking Ego

I. Age of the Fall/Divine: Vegetable Soul
Brain Circuitry: (1) Bio-Survival + (5) Neuro-Somatic
Operating System: Play & Pleasure
Rapture of primal ecstasy undermines fear of death.
Anxious Paranoia opens to Fun Adventure.

Freudian Unconscious

II. Age of the Hero: Animal Soul
Brain Circuitry: (2) Territorial + (6) Metaprogramming
Operating System: Set & Setting
Will to adapt Belief System/Reality Tunnel undermines fear of Chaos and/or Fate.
Rigid Insecurity opens to Fluid Evolution.

Jungian Collective Unconscious

III. Age of the People: Human Soul
Brain Circuitry: (3) Symbolic + (7) Morphic/Neuro-Genetic
Operating System: Information: Local & Non
Time Binding w/ Coincidancing Logos undermines fear of Woid.
Conceptual Intelligence opens to Mythic Contelligence.

Non Local/No Mind

IV. Recorso: Akashic Field
Brain Circuitry: (4) Socio-Sexual + (8) Neuro-Atomic
Operating System: Tribe & Process (Macro & Micro)
Affirmation of life in its entirety undermines fear itself.
The Wasteland opens to The Living One


Bogus Magus said...

Nice one Bobby!

And congratulations again...

I hope you are enjoying your freedom...

Bobby Campbell said...

Enjoying it thoroughly, by the skin of my teeth!


Dedroidify said...

Great stuff! Maybe add the 8 circuits tag to it though.

Bogus Magus said...

Will do, thanks for the heads up!

Bobby is someone to check out, if you want to make a more visual vid of the 8 Circuits, as he has done all kinds of work related to integrating the various models and systems.

Check out his work(s):
Buddhafart 777

Myself, I am wandering off down the road of thinking 'systems' rather than 'circuits' (as in nervous system, muscular system, skeletal system, circulatory system, endocrine system, immune system, etc) - and may try to present some sort of integrated picture using those...

Note: I try to index the content here and in the MQ magazine, but fail consistently (in the 'the Imperfect Index') - because this started as a group project, and I expected it to work more like a Wiki (people filling in each other's blind spots)...

I only have so much time (and insight), and my judgement remains faulty at times. ;-) Other relevant stuff may also have fallen through the net. heh

You can try the Search Blog box as well...

Dedroidify said...

Hey go for that model!

I know Bobby's great work from the deoxy forum. Love his okey dokey comics!

Yeah I know indexing isn't easy ;p


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