Monday, May 01, 2006

Our Clown: Act One, Scene Two

Act One, Scene Two

We open with the clown laying in the center of the circle in the fetal position. Hes sucking his thumb and shaking.

Narrator: Our Clown has learned about pain. It is this pain, cause by things outside his self, that makes him question the reality of that which is not of himself. He decides that it is real, and that it is bad. Now Our Clown starts forming the concept of duality. At first he only saw himself as real, and recognized that which was outside himself, but refused to see it as real. With this new idea of pain caused by the outside, Our Clown decides that there are now two realities, one good, one bad. The reality of himself is good, and the reality of the outside is bad.

The clown gets up, and starts pacing the circle.

Narrator: Our Clown remembers how he made his hands part of his whole oneness. (Clown stops, looks at his hands, smiling). Perhaps he can start making the bad reality of the outside part of his self, and therefore make it good reality. (Clown begins crawling across the floor, rubbing his hands across it). His touch is an act of consecration. Our Clown is a God creating the universe in his own image.

The clown makes the entire circle once over with his hands. Once finished, he wipes his hands together in a gesture of job well done. He is very pleased.

Narrator: Our Clown feels safe, and happy. Having examined, explored, and touched all that is within his circle, he knows it now to be of himself, and part of the good reality. (Soft keyboard music begins again. Clown dances around the circle). Inside of his circle Our Clown creates inner circles. Each circle going closer to the center. The smallest circle in the center is the most real. Our Clown calls this circle home. (Clown stands in the center most circle and spins).

Lights dim as the clowns spinning slows down. Eventually there is total darkness and the clown is still. End of scene.


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I like that clown!

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the old wise unbroken line continued onward


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