Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Happy New Year for 5766!

My friend in Israel tells me that yesterday we entered the year 5766 (Jewish calendar).

Pope Bob has a particular love of calendars, and we could call today

27 Absolu 132 de l'Ere Pataphysique

For people not familiar with blogs, you can find links down the right-hand side,which can take you to The Academy, and the sites of some of our favourite people, like Bucky Fuller. You can also find links to some of the member's own blogs (online diary/notebooks or creative outlets). To speed up your navigation you will also find links to previous posts and archives - and the beginning of an Index to both this site and to the first four editions of Maybe Quarterly (a slightly more formal and permanent product of the Academy students).

Any Maybe Logic students, whether from one of the online courses or the main forum, feel free to post any interesting work-in-progress here - just contact one of the admin members, so they can invite you. Right now Metachor and I have admin rights, but that can change.

Or send in finished pieces to the MLA admin for inclusion in the Maybe Quarterly for the Winter Solstice edition.

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