Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Crash of Symbols

I came across this 'Symbols' picture from Zach aka Dak (the guy who did the cover for the current edition of MQ) which I guess I grabbed from the Forums.

It seems to sum up a lot of themes around the MLA. (click pic to enlarge)

We have a lot of creative people around, and most of us seem interested in collaborations or, at the very least, sparking each other. No-one knows where this multimedia interaction might end up, but the process feels pretty satisfying, just on its own - and the current forum-fun-project of contemplating making a Tarot set (or 5) has triggered some great ideas. See Bobby's Fool and his Magician elsewhere in the blog (use the Imperfect Index under Tarot or Bobby, if necessary)
Dak has offered a special 23rd card for RAW, a Sacred Chao numbered Trump 22 (the Fool has no number remember? Zero)

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