Saturday, October 01, 2005

Acrillicka Lung playa

As this remains a Work-In-Progress site, I have removed the extended text from here, and suggest you follow one more click-through to Acrillic's own site, where you will find the whole thing posted. The Bogus Magus

Acrillicka Lung playa


Anonymous said...

Hey :)

You have a great blog here, keep up the great work! I'll definitely bookmark you.

Do you wanna check out The Coolest Guy On The Planet's website?

Check it out if you get some time, and I'll be sure to check back here regularly!

Bogus Magus said...

Hi dude - I'd hate to delete you in a space like this, but I guess you made your big money by spamming intelligent sites without even reading them, or signing your posts. You got a couple of days, but then I'll kill the post.

Unless you really like us, and find your way back here to even read us.

Let me know. I didn't know about people just spamming blogs, but I got it now. I only leave Flirtin' Felicity up because I may look old but I still like sexy girls...(hey, read the irony between the lines - that's the lines I write, not the lines you do).

I ain't bookmarking YOU. We got our own connections. If I got you wrong, then post again and sign it, and I'll let it ride.

When I see you link to us, I might even feel impressed (but I might not feel honoured) yeh I come from England...

Be Seeing You1

Steve Fly said...

well it was a mistake i posted this here, and if you look up i just done it again, in my own Blog i post, or think i do and then wammo it's here.

Spam, spam is the language you speak
courpsemanure Joyce might say.
And i'm knu (er) than you.

delete this if you like i don't care.

You mention making money, don't joke Bogus.

I'm in this for the free blowjobs


Bogus Magus said...

Uh, duh

Sorry acrillic - my rude post was aimed at the anonymous spam that got tagged to your post!

Not aimed at you at all, my man...

But as your answer made me laugh, and you don't seem to have taken offence, I'll leave it here! heh heh heh


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