Thursday, March 13, 2008



Unknown said...

I haven't seen Zeitgeist yet but Jake Kotze points out some interesting isomorphisms involving 9/11, The Temple of Solomon & Comic Books in his Stargate videos.

You can find them on his YouTube profile.

I find his videos a little annoying due to the serious tone of the narration. He could definitely use a good dose of tongue-in-cheek model agnosticism.

Bobby Campbell said...

I actually found Zeitgeist a bit annoying for that same reason, reverence seems like a symptom of MAYBE deficiency? Though I found it much more tolerable than the Alex Jones style "NWO/Illuminati" paranoia mongering sensationalism.

In my book Laura Bush farts and W comments that it smells like eggs, now that's good protest literature!

Unknown said...

Not just any eggs - but REPTILIAN SPACE EGGS!

Ragu said...

You've GOT to be kidding me!

Talk about timing!

I do believe that may be the very first bit of 9-11ey stuff I've seen that didn't seem mired in hysteria and a "Right Man" voice of Domination. Far as I'm concerned it oughta be the first thing that comes up when somebody googles "9-11 Conspiracy".

Imagine that. Some poor schmuck decides to look into 9-11 shadiness and they find themselves getting actual useful information. This is exactly what they were looking for! They're ready to be sold!

And then they get introduced to Bucky instead of falling into a paranoia pit!

Sneaky, sneaky!

Bobby Campbell said...

And y'know I take my reptilian space eggs sunnyside up w/ care!

I appreciate that, Ragu!

I think the absurdity of researching 9/11 did well to tune me into Bucky's critical path.

I've mentioned this before, but the first time my art work ever saw print was in the University of Delaware's student newspaper THE REVIEW on 9/11/2001
Spirit of the 21st Century

Bogus Magus said...


the first time I saw 'cgi server limit reached' I thought of it as a graphics gag (McCartney's new album, after all, is called 'Memory Almost Full') - but then it kept happening to the detriment of the story. Does this happen to anyone else?

Quick research implies it is some real kind of limit set on the server. I'll 'try again later' in case it just has something to do with online traffic density...

Bobby Campbell said...

That's happened to my server a few times recently, it's weird because I'm only using about a 10th of either my alotted storage space or bandwidth. Everything seems to be working again now, sorry for the delay!

Bobby Campbell said...

Ah, well it looks I've hit a processing limit w/ my server:

Hello Bobby,

Thank-you for your inquiry.

The "Site Stopped" message you have encountered on your website indicates that your site has a reached a threshold limit of 4000+ seconds of CPU in the past hour, or 10000+ cgi/php/cron hits in the past hour. We would like to inform you that an average site uses 50 seconds of CPU per hour and gets 20 cgi hits per hour. Your website will be temporarily disabled as indicated by the message on your website after which it will be re-enabled so that visitors may browse to it again. may require more CPU/CGI/PHP resources than what a Shared Hosting platform is able to offer. As such you may want to consider moving your site to a third party Dedicated hosting platform.


Netfirms Inc.

Ragu said...


The Purple Gooroo said...

Brilliant stuff, Bobby...and, and remember in August 2001, when "C+ Augustus" had a low approval rating--then he goes against stem-cell research. Even Nancy Ray-gun (of all people) disagreed with that move. His approval rating was effectively in the toilet--his worst since
being...ahem.."elected". Three weeks later...and he's suddenly the darling leader again..hmmmmm.

Ragu said...

Arrgh. I can't get that "Spirit of the 21st Century" picture out of my head!


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