Saturday, March 08, 2008

Only Maybe: the website

In spite of my Circuit 3 tendency to talk and talk, I like to manifest things - so the discussion of the future of Maybe Quarterly (fun but hard to re-edit) and Only Maybe (fun, but blogs seem very linear) forced me to go off and take an hour or so to initiate an Only Maybe website - using Google's (still beta) Page Creator.

I made an OM Home Page, here - which could link to individual's contributions, to mashups and group stuff, to external pages, blogs, feeds, etc. I made one page for my avatar, and linked it in, just as a demo of quick and easy.

We could go this way, if people really want to...
I notice that the Illuminatus! Wiki seems like a sluggish project at the moment...and The Maybe's don't seem to have got the band back together just yet.

[Update: 11th March] Things change so quickly! As you can see above, the Maybes have started gathering around the crew Taco Truck again, and we have rumours of a new incarnation of the MLA which might resolve some of the issues around editing and control of perhaps I will steer OM:the website towards something like a more user friendly version of the Index, gathering and highlighting some of the more interesting material we have generated over the lifetime of OM.


Unknown said...

I'll contribute to Illuminatus! Wiki as soon as I have something interesting to say.

Just don't give up on it. Maybe it'll pick up once it gains exposure and whatnot.

Bogus Magus said...

Thanks Jesse!

I hadn't despaired, but it seems to have become prey to spamming, by porn and sellers of WOW gold (some sort of Virtual Second Life Game currency I suspect) which makes the Recent Changes link depressing viewing...

Unknown said...

I've considered posting a link to the wiki on other, larger, forums but I feared that would just expose it to inflammatory characters and even more spamming.

You have ventured to other message boards, you probably know what I mean.

Bogus Magus said...

Thanks for the thought, Jesse!

I know what you mean about other forums. I sometimes think we live in some curious little corner of the universe which prefers Confucian politeness, Buddhist gentleness, and Taoist wry humour (Thanks Bob!) Ah, no Judeo-Christian-Islamic models...hmmm.

Because we have started exploring collaborative ways of working, I thought a Wiki seemed more appropriate than just working up my own notes into a piece for MQ (say). I assume you can make Wikis secure against casual attack, but then you'd have to filter membership a bit...It seems like a trap (Catch-23), as you can't advertise it without probably attracting idiots, but you can't really use the pool of knowledge available without drawing on a wider range than my mere opinions.

I remember someone in the forums saying they had stopped contributing to Wikipedia because of a gang who claimed territorial rights to some subject or other, and presumably reverted any change made by other people. Amazing. Circuit Two stuff emerges even in collaborative (ad)ventures.

Still, we plough on with the experiments...I want to look into shared whiteboards, sharing documents, etc. No harm, if some of the experiments die - nature seems prolific, and careless...

Bobby Campbell said...

Hey Bogus!

I just cleaned all the spam out of the Illuminatus wiki, the "admin" login has "delete" & "block" capabilities.

I also set it so only registered users can edit pages, if that doesn't fix the spam problem, it should at least make it less severe.

Good work w/ OM website et al, I'm just now settling in to work today, I'll see what I can do!

Bogus Magus said...

Thanks Bobby, it makes it much more pleasant to visit! It still feels more like my own thesis than a group re-read and analysis, but I accept Jesse's recommendation of patience.

I wonder if I should dig out some of the discussions we had on Bob's TIT! course, but don't know if I should ask people's permission to quote them...

Well, actually, I have already done something similar without asking (!) What an anarchist...

On my Intelligence Increase blog, which focuses on magic, belief systems, hoaxes, con-men, gambling and probabilities, I posted a long exposition on the concept of randomness from early MLA (Sept 2004) - including some comments from ZP, Fuzzbuddy, Fly, my son Pentaphobe and even a gnomic haiku comment from RAW.

Currently I feel like the man Stephen Leacock described this way:
"he flung himself from the room, flung himself upon his horse and rode madly off in all directions."


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