Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Making new connections

The links in the previous post, in celebration of a new edition of MQ, take you to the archives.

I already made new connections of my own, just clicking through, when I found this vivid Quest Dream adventure

The Dream Quest; or How I Dueled My Shadow by the Light of the Moon
By Scott Johnson (aka metachor) © 2005

which seemed to complement a piece I did on not dreaming at all (or not remembering them) which Bobby enlivened with some of his luminescent art

Coming Round Again


For an extended and accessible piece by Bobby, displaying both his astounding artwork (including an opportunity to download and print out your own RAW currency - the patatow) and his dexterity with words (not to mention ideas) - check out The State of The Art in MQ#14 (the current edition)

And then sudden pleasures like Fly’s remix (including sombunall of Illuminatus! part one)
Antonija's Card GameMaybe a Metaphor

And the Purple Gooroo’s wonderful haiku for Bob.

You can find Zen Punkist's HOLeY BIBLE in two parts...

Did you catch Borsky’s intriguing Neurotarot?

I loved Antonija’s cover for MQ#8 and the two original art pieces she sent us

Bearing in mind that Bobby’s work turns up everywhere, I can only recommend checking out the Index, under Bobby’s Art to get a complete scan of his influence, if it's even half way up to date it will give you an idea of his contributions to the OM project.

Bobby on McLuhan

OK, OK, so I enjoy this kind of stuff...


Ragu said...

I, for one, am glad you enjoy this stuff. This site is freakin' fan-fookin-tastic!

Sooooooo many links to sooooooo many cool things!

Bogus Magus said...

I can't help but enthuse - I know it looks a bit uncool - enthusiasm used to get frowned on at my school...and 'cool' which stayed in fashion throughout the decades often seems to come with a slightly offhand manner...

And ‘enthusiastic’ does mean possessed by a deity, originally – and hence a bit rapturous and not necessarily coherent to mere mortals. Heh A bit mad, even.

1690 TEMPLE Ess. Heroic Virtue Being built upon Foundations wholly Enthusiastick, and thereby very unaccountable to common Reason.

1634 SIR T. HERBERT Trav. The dervis and other santoons, or enthusiasticks.

Oh, look, a ‘k’.

I wanna be a santoon...whatever that is...

Ragu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ragu said...

I hadda delete that because I think my fevered delirium made me snarky.

Plus, I don't fancy being turned into a toad.

Bogus Magus said...

It was me that brought up the 'k'. :-)

Ragu said...



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