Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Short Notice

[Deadline warning]

Time Flew By Yet Again - and yet another edition of Maybe Quarterly may emerge within three weeks...or we may finally fail to hit the deadline (solstices and equinoxes)...

As ever, without an editor, we never know if we have a cover, any articles or poems or artwork or other contributions.

As ever, a few old faithfuls may manage to produce something for Issue #14.

Contributions always welcome, and should be directed to Admin at the MLA -

Spring Equinox this year actually falls on the 20th, but what with time zones and all that, most people round it off to the 21st March, Christian Calendar.


Bobby Campbell said...


OM > MQ?


The Purple Gooroo said...

I may have a written piece (possibly two)--but I'm not sure about having a cover cobbled together.

It may be up to Bobby or Fly to save the day (again).

Bogus Magus said...

heh heh

OM > MQ? I dunno either, Bobby...

OM certainly generates a lot of material, and a fair few Comments, but it only represents the work and/or opinions of 2-3 people these days.

MQ seems to appeal to a wider range of creative people, and to the deadline writers, people who want to complete and publish a finished piece and never look at it again (!) like hard copy magazine publication.

As I have no clear profile of the readers of either or each, it still feels hard to know where to focus my energy...although with OM coming up to it's 10,000th reader since we added the Site Meter at the end of 2006 (and we started over a year before that) I can at least sample where people come from (referring URLs) and which countries, etc.

Whether it still counts as 'vanity publishing' or useful information resource, I have no idea.


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