Friday, March 07, 2008

Shem the Penman

If you prowl and browse and graze through this blog - everywhere you will find extraordinary artwork. 95% of it will come from the pen(s) of Bobby Campbell.

In my own posts I tend to break up the text with images grabbed (without permission) from the web, and one day I may regret that - but Bobby creates original work for us (and others) all the time.
Bobby Campbell
I suspect he wouldn't use this place to promote himself, so I feel I should say something. Anyone who gives up the security of a 'day-job' (as he has) and goes freelance needs a little help.

So if you have any art needs, from party invites to gifts for friends or posters for your gig, why not contact

The Man Himself
and get customized and unique art work. Or just go make a PayPal donation to give the artist room to move...

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The Purple Gooroo said...

Hear hear! I definitely dig Bobby's stuff and I admire his taking a step into independant income--something I haven't been brave enough to do.

I'll be sending a donation your way, Bobby..thanks for all of the groovy words, music and especially artwork!

Bobby Campbell said...

Hey woah, WOW! Thanks so much Purple Gooroo! I'm about to head up to philly to see the kid, and now I can do so properly!

I'll have something nice posted in appreciation when I get home : )

and Bogus! thanks for posting this here, I wouldn't have myself obviously, very much obliged.

New Art on OM This Sunday!

Bogus Magus said...

Well, I knew you wouldn't feel comfortable necessarily, Bobby, but there's a big difference between aggressive self-promotion and simply letting people know your availability. This whole site is pervaded by your influence and style.

In the MLA forum it came up, I remember, and both Antero Alli and I said that freelances have to do a certain amount of hustling (I'm sure Ben Mack would agree) - it comes with the territory.

I feel immensely proud of this site, and I think my writing has improved over the three years with MLA (and your feedback contributed to that).

You may notice I snuck Bogus Magus's Den into the Directory at the side. heh heh.

I haven't quite reached lift-off yet, but I can feel the urge to return to running my own life. I stumbled through 33 years as a freelance, and understand the insecurity, but I have now completed ten years of Karma Yoga in a 'job' and have learned enough about how other people spend most of their lives to begin to appreciate the freedom I had before (in spite of the occasional fear about bio-survival tickets).

I intend to rearrange that lengthy side column again, to bring contributor's and their blogs back to the top - because I feel we need more people to believe they can use the place - saving Drafts backstage, tweaking, editing, reposting and enjoying our looser approach, instead of the 'deadline anxiety' of contributing to the quarterly magazine.

Speaking of which, the great Fergus just sent me an unsolicited piece for MQ#14.

It may still happen! Yippee!

The Purple Gooroo said...

No probs, Bobby - I'm happy to help out!

Have a good time in Philly - see ya when you're back.


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