Friday, February 09, 2007

RAW WAKE in Philadelphia, PA USA 2/23

From a bulletin posted by Radio Eris

Robert Anton Wilson Wake and Erisian Festival


Northern Liberties
Radio Eris
Oneiric Imperium
Plus improvisation, video screening, poetry and open-mike reading, crowd participation, lasagna, radical experiments in text (think exquisite corpse/cutop), an open jam session to end the night, and hot dogs with no buns

Eris Temple
602 s 52nd Street (52nd and Cedar)

Doors Open 7pm. Lasagna will be laid out at 8 pm.

$5 suggested donation- goes to bands and temple renovation.

* * * * *

We noted with sorrow the recent passing of novelist and ontological prankster Robert Anton Wilson. Among other works in a life spent raising the human spirit, RAW co-authored the ILLUMINATUS! trilogy with Robert Shea, and helped popularize the PRINCIPIA DISCORDIA, exposing a multitude of readers to Discordianism.

RAW's vision, sense of exploration, insistence on personal freedom and willingness to indulge in goofy humor were a primal influence on Radio Eris, and so we ask you to gather at our house on Friday, February 23rd to celebrate the man and his work, and partake of hot dogs with no buns.

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