Friday, February 23, 2007


1 Pédales 134 de l'Ere Pataphysique

Well, some stuff happened, and other stuff didn't.

I failed to get to a group event, so, like many of you, enjoy hearing the stories.

Borsky posted this in the Public part of the new Academy site. Some of the 'campus' you can visit, without becoming a member. The eclectic crew that hang around know a lot of useful stuff.

Borsky: A thread to post links to in relationship to RAW's final journey. Apart from the obvious Meme-orial sites,RAW Remembered and the main event of last weekend at RAW data
both of which by the way seem a bit silent right now Feb. 22.

In the Broad spectrum room smi23le mentioned hir filming of the procession of the ashes

Donnacha's Robert Anton Wilson London memorial

Reverend Clarry's Blog (it didn't work out)

I suppose more and more blogs 'n' sites 'n' movies will pop up in the coming weeks. Maybe lost interviews, photo albums, memories people want to share… I propose to put it in this thread for ease of use. I still hope for a decent viewing of the full Santa Cruz memorial, I can't imagine no one thought of filming the whole thing…I just found this little gem: one of the members from proposes a "RAW Cremains Mail-a-thon" in his blog This City shall Fall. Instead of ridiculing Pat Robertson, play around with the post office and 'some kind of fucked-up Hundredth Monkey effect would no doubt kick in and immanentize the eschaton or something.'

But you don't have to come here for this, you could have found it at the Forum, in the Public area under RAW Tribe.

Thanks Borsky! I didn't find time to ask for permission, but information wants to be free...


Anonymous said...

Pictures and videos from RAW Meme-orial:



nick herbert

Bogus Magus said...

Thanks, Nick!

I can't claim that this editorial crew reached maximum warp speed, yet...

We need all the help we can get...


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