Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Tale of The Tribe

My apologies for over-writing in the previous post. For a moment I thought I had got onto another course! The ideogrammic aspect of Bob’s interests emerged in one course called The Ideogrammic Method, and then later when we discussed internet and McLoon on his course called

Tale of the Tribe

The first of Wilson's MLA courses bridging the political, the social and the psychological, Tale of the Tribe promises to be a landmark journey with our dear Dr. Bob. Starring Giordano Bruno, Giambatista Vico, Friederich Nietzsche, Ernest Fenollosa, Ezra Pound, Alfred Korzybski, James Joyce, Buckminster Fuller, Claude Shannon and Marshall McLuhan -- the nucleus of the extraordinary minds that have helped shape the information age of 21st century and the mindscape of Robert Anton Wilson. Join Wilson as he explores the themes, minds and ideas of his forthcoming book, The Tale of the Tribe.
We got a bit excited on that course, as we felt that our contributions directly affected RAW’s work-in-progress (you can still find it listed as unpublished on Amazon!)

It appears that our interest (both in the course that happened, and the book that didn’t) has encouraged Admin to attempt something new. A self-directed course based around the material. I can see encouraging signs in the Academy that such a course may begin fairly soon.

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The Purple Gooroo said...

That would be super-cool if the MLA starts one up.

I'll definitely sign up, as I missed the first go-round, when R.A.W. was running it..I'm kicking myself now :-(


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