Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Events may continue

I enjoyed one of those 'little moments' today - that cheer you up.

I went into my local bookstore for a quick skim, and decided to pick up some astrological ephemeri (I always used an ephemeris, or book of tables, before computers) - now that MLA members have shown some interest in exploring beyond the Sun Sign astrology of the newspapers. I happen to like the astrological model because it remains a 'god-free' model of Universe, and in spite of protestations from other MLA members, I pick up a whiff (stench) of occidental religion hidden in the roots of Kabbala, magick, Masonry etc. Higher beings, and all that. Astrology seems to relate to something more impersonal, like Tao and an illusion of a separate spacetime entity.

Anyway, I noticed a New Falcon book by Christopher Hyatt, and decided to give it a whirl (although I didn't get on with his style the one time I tried before).

I got to the check-out, and the guy at the till asked if I enjoyed 'this sort of thing' and we got onto Robert Anton Wilson in about two jumps (via Falcon) followed by - it turns out - a connection through him to a 'guy into RAW' that I had lost touch with. The two of them have considered a RAW Wake in Cardiff. I asked to stay informed. Hi Alex! Hi Ian!

[For previous events, scan the February Archives or use the Imperfect Index, or Search the blog for RAW, Wake, or meme-orial, etc. ]

I went straight into the coffee shop where the assistant called out my order before I said a word.
"Spooky!" I say.
"I used my psychic powers" he said, holding his fingers to his temples.
"I guess, by now, I could just say - The Usual" I sighed.

[even the coffee man does cold reading]


The Purple Gooroo said...

Which Hyatt book did you buy?

It does seem like he gets a bad rap at the MLA - but I do like "Undoing Yourself With Energized Meditation And Other Devices" and "Rebels And Devils"

I'd agree that those other systems seem to have a bit of the "ol' time relijun" in 'em - but I suppose it may help if you maintain a degree of skepticism while using them.

Bogus Magus said...

Ah um - sorry - I still say what I think, sometimes clumsily (although I have got politer after a year or two of coming to respect the BS and actions of other MLA people).

I found "Undoing Yourself With Energized Meditation And Other Devices" difficult to read ("Do The Exercises!" no doubt) - and particularly disliked the apparent effect of The Psychopath's Bible on some members (maybe?). I understand I may simply have fallen for a deadpan put-on (freaking the squares, or something) - but just something in the writing style annoyed me (whether deliberately and provocatively, or not). And Bob liked Hannibal Lector, so perhaps I have missed something. It struck me (without reading it) as more like A Sociopath's Bible, and I don't need a lot of encouragement to act in an anti-social (or rather unsocialized) way.

I bought Energized Hypnosis - a 'non-book' which will change you through the mere act of reading (a little like Mo Go in Masks of the Illuminati - that could feel scary).

And yeah, I should simply shut-up about QBL and magick - the regulars know my prejudices (pre-judgements) and outsiders really don't care. I simply try to keep a balanced picture of MLA crew (I have one friend who won't join anything that seems amiable to Crowley, for instance).

I already did my list of lapsed Catholics on board - Leary, Wilson, Lilly, McKenna, etc - and perhaps if you grow up with ritual you still enjoy the style (even with different content).

I didn't and don't. Pretty simple.

I accept that plenty of people like the religious / Psi-Phi imagery and language of angels, and spirits, and higher intelligence, parallel worlds etc - but I happen to like the organism-in-an-environment model (that astrology fits with neatly).

The Purple Gooroo said...

It's cool, man - say what you think, do what you do. We're all adults (mosbunall the time) - if I disagree with you, I'll tell you...

I have the "Energized Hypnosis" book as well--haven't read it yet but it seems interesting. I have "Psychopath's Bible" and while it does seem to put one into an interesting reality-tunnel for a bit--that reality-tunnel, to me, can be as easily discarded as any other one. Like I mentioned at the MLA forum, "Energized Meditation.." did help me to get into an organized system of meditation - so it "worked" for me in that aspect.

Being a *very* lapsed Catholic meself (one of my connections with RAW, Leary, McKenna, etc.)--I suppose the idea of "ritual" does appeal to me--but then again, it "doesn't" either, I'm not really fussed about performing them. It's just another intersting idea to check out.

I like the 'organism-in-an-environment'/astrology stuff, too. I try not to be dogmatic about anything - of course, I do lapse from that mission from time to time, as we all do.

Bogus Magus said...

I find it amusing to have a conversation in 'Comments' - but it certainly works.

This blog originally appeared in order to offer a glimpse into the Academy (which met behind closed doors) and indicate the range of discussion (eclectic) and our general style and attitude (intelligent, off-beat, funny).

Now that people can visit the public areas at MLA 4.0 to assess if they want to join - and join in - Only Maybe could evolve to have a different function.

Hard to tell right now...

We may just cut its moorings and let it drift off on the cyber-ocean like the Marie Celeste...

The Purple Gooroo said...

Hmmmm..yeah, I can see how a re-vamp could be good for the ol' blog--though I do like that it has a link to the M.L.A.--even if it's just a rather tenuous one.

See how it goes, I guess.

Bogus Magus said...

Well, I don't have a general theory of blogs - they seem so multi-purpose. For ego (and family) purposes I have my own, and we list member's blogs down the right hand side (anyone not listed who would like to appear, just email me: bogusm@gmail.com)

We started this to supplement MQ, as 'quarterly' seemed too slow and unresponsive for some of our needs (although I also like the considered creativity that it archives). From the original enthusiasts it has pretty well shrunk to me and Bobby contributing(and he produces work for MQ, OM and his own Madison Underground Press).

Most recently - in discussion with MLA Admin (who kindly acknowledge our maverick production) - we settled on this blog remaining the place for MLA users' creativity, gossip and updates, and the Info-Cache Blog (embedded in the MLA site) for unusual stories from the media, Fortean tales, improbable political or religious events, etc.

Rather than re-vamp, I would tend to invent a new one, anyway.

The Purple Gooroo said...

I would tend to invent a new one as well - in fact, I almost suggested that instead of a re-vamp - but I wasn't sure how you'd react :-)

I'm on my third personal blog (fourth, really, if you count "Triptych Cryptic" - another group blog started by some of my ol-skool Conn. chums back in the "dark ages" of 2000 and as far as I know, still going now - I don't contrib. there anymore, tho')--two muso-blogs and "Blog Is Not..", which is more of a 'general topics' thing.

I thought it would seem a bit of a shame to lose all the archived posts - but if you and Bobby are cool with letting it go - I don't mind being part of a new blog.

Bogus Magus said...

Oh, just invent a new one anyway PG, and then convince MLA Admin that you deserve to use their logo! :-)

We started as a pirate scheme, but they liked us, so we became semi-official. heh heh

I have two personal blogs (and two previous ones which have faded into oblivion), in addition to contributing to this one, but I prefer to accumulate links and hits rather than start and stop, appear and disappear all over the place! Some of our 'members blogs' for instance appear defunct (or at least neglected), but I find dead sites and broken links depressing. I have always assumed that you have to keep the content updated fairly regularly if you expect return visitors.

Kent(from The Kentroversy Papers, and our original MQ editor) has recently talked about using blogs to make a living...and that involves some commitment. He has used blogging to develop a successful journalistic career.

My blog(s) and website have generated work for me, reconnected me to my kids and some old friends, etc.

I have no real desire to abandon OM at this moment - it carries links and archives that I find useful. I don't even have to remember an address, just type "Only Maybe" into Google, and hit "I'm Feeling Lucky!" How easy can it get?

Unknown said...

I'm still on board for Only Maybe!

I eased back because it seemed for a time in bad taste to post too much of my own content as OM acted as a RAW MEME info hub.

Bogus Magus said...

I hear you!

I think we can still have a bit of fun with...

The Purple Gooroo said...

I only use blogs for fun myself - I'm not sure how to translate them into kish-kash - though I think that would maybe involve advertisers, and I'm not really into going down that route (see Bill Hicks on marketing). It seems like I'd have to "up" the "interesting & funny" content, in order to sustain a loyal readership, as well...and I'm not really quite at that stage yet.

Maybe I'll start another M.L.A. satellite blog after this year's tour-of-duty at the M.L.A. - but for now, I'd like to stay with O.M. - I like it here.


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