Thursday, March 22, 2007

All Hail Discordia!

I hope you all enjoyed the Equinox yesterday! We had brilliant blue skies in Cardiff, and today have reverted to grey and rainy. Still, I love contrast...

The new edition of Maybe Quarterly (to which I did not contribute this time, so you shouldn't consider this review biased) exceeds all previous editions. Don't waste any more time - go look at the special edition for Bob's passing. Hail Eris!

Searching for the Hermit

I asked the boy beneath the pines.
He said, "The master's gone alone herb picking,
somewhere on the mount,
cloud hidden,
whereabouts unknown."

(Chin Tao, 777-841)

'The Moon Rises'
'The Moon Rises'
Sun K'o-hung (1532-1610)
Elegant Diversions for Leisure Hours

A Dragon hidden among men


The Purple Gooroo said...

Probably my fave MQ yet - and I've been checking them out since they started.

I think the man would be impressed!

Bogus Magus said...

I totally agree - and I hope he enjoys his new whirled.

I can hear the Pointer Sisters in my head (Beverley Hills Cop)

Whoo oooh
Whoo oooh

And it's hard to say
Just how some things never change
And it's hard to find
Any strength to draw the line
I'm just burning doin' the neutron dance
I'm just burning doin' the neutron dance


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