Friday, March 16, 2007

Listening and getting away from books and screens...

Great News! The audio book (all 13 hours of it) of Illuminatus! Book 1 - that we mentioned in an earlier post, about RU Sirius's podcast, etc - has become available through the DeepLeaf Store.

You can hear a sample of Ken Campbell reading the opening the podcast.

To see what 'is' in store, go to Deep Leaf Audio

For the first time in audiobook form, Illuminatus! charges on into the 21st century. Read by Ken Campbell (who directed Illuminatus! for the London stage in 1976) and Chris Fairbank (a human of 100 voices), THE EYE IN THE PYRAMID is sure to fire up the mental circuits and reveal new layers couched and waiting. Available exclusively as a download via DeepleafAudio. fnord indeed.

You may also enjoy the linked podcast


Delivering Illuminatus! to the masses. If you've never subscribed to a podcast, here's your chance. The first 20 weeks of Illuminatus! Podcast features ILLUMINATI PROJECT MEMOS from Illuminatus! Part I followed by a year's worth of Illuminatus! excerpts from Part II and Part III. If you feel the calling, please email, call, tell, graffitti everyone you know to subscribe to the podcast. Somewhere there's a dormant Illuminatus! initiate waiting to hear the magic words of Shea and Wilson's masterpiece. Below is a direct link to iTunes if you are iTunes enabled. Enjoy dear friends of Hagbard, Howard and crew.

I'll return to tidy up when I figure out what that link means...I work on PCs, so iTunes doesn't come as standard with the machines I work on.

PS: trying to do this blog on a Mac laptop (wonderful though they seem at times) proved difficult. I couldn't see all the editing options that my PC shows me. I guess that might come from Blogger's narrow vision, rather than my ignorance of Macs.


The Purple Gooroo said...

I suspect it's prolly Blogger as well - I sometimes run into problems with their template even when using a PC.

I saw those announcements about the "Illuminatus!" audio-books - very cool!

Bogus Magus said...

Thanks for the reassurance - Purple Gooroo - on a PC Blogger offer you have a fair range of controls of Font, Colour, Layout, Text Size, etc.


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