Friday, August 01, 2008


The MLA entities i met down in France seemed to be extra-ordinary human beings. Their language appeared full of poetry, fun, wisdom. Their gestures all seemed friendly and compassionate towards me, and towards each other. Their different characteristics and individual humanity came shining through in the sensory sensual world of Paris. Much like the shining in our electronic internet avatar world (MLA) where together we have spent considerably more time chatting and learning. Now, in real-time? the human beings break through the shells of their Electronic avatars and walk the cardboard-streets of Paris! It happened just like this man, i swear!

The multi-dimensional melting felt like NINE MLA seasons in ONE day, leaving me with fresh perspectives and buzzing newly condensed ideas about sombunal of the STUFF & THINGS we waxed about and interacted with on our trip.


--Steven Pratt
Fly Agaric 23

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Bogus Magus said...

Nice one, Fly!

So many unfinished conversations in such a brief meeting...

I remembered mentioning to you that John Cage was a keen amateur mycologist, and then we veered off somewhere else. You can see a picture of him picking mushrooms in an earlier post, or just use the label to find posts about him...but the 90 one-minute stories of Indeterminacy you can find online here. Some of THEM are about fungi, too. I prefer hearing him telling them (long stories spoken quickly, short stories slowly, etc) and have the recording, maybe I should find a way to get it to you.

Quite a surprise to me (having only just found out he did visual art in later life) to find a couple of his lithographs at the Art Exhibition.

Funny how things wind round and around...


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