Saturday, August 09, 2008

endlessly evolving

It feels great to have this group blog working again as a real conversation. Whether it makes quite as much sense to visitors, I have no idea.

As a balance to this endlessly growing linear blog (dense with content) I made a start on a simple OM website - slightly more static and permanent - as a way to extract and compress some of what this blog contains (rather like the Imperfect Index - which hasn't seen an update for a while now.) I used Google Page Creator, just as an experiment.

As it happens, Page Creator itself seemed like a beta test, and now that Google intend to migrate all PageCreator sites into their new Google Sites realm (which uses JotSpot technology) they have caused a ruckus among people who have got attached to Page Creator, or set up businesses using it, and didn't realise that Google had 'merely used them as beta testers' (guinea pigs).

Phew, although I have played with GooglePages a bit, I didn't come to rest my weight on it, as it remained listed in their Labs section (i.e. playground and test area). Still, now that the OM website has started to appear in Google listings when you search for Only Maybe, it does seem a shame if it migrates to a new URL. We'll see in the coming months.

Anyway - given that several of us like the idea of shared and collaborative wikis and webpages (see links on right, to Illuminatus Wiki, and to The Tale of The Tribe) I'll keep an eye on it. We might like the idea of a members only area, as well as a public face like this one.

As the Academy continues to run online courses (Bless 'em) but the new general forum (we've had 4 previous ones) has received a lot of criticism (in terms of usability, Maybe Logic Academydisplay, functionality, etc) - sombunall of us might like easier ways to stay in touch.

Having said that, if I had time and money I would take Erik's class on RAW [RAW Secrets Sept 8 - Oct 19 Eric Wagner]. Full course outline here.

In his writings, Bob Wilson pointed to Prometheus Rising over and over again as a practical handbook for self-directed change of the mind/body system. This class will emphasize doing as many of the exercises from this book as possible during a six week period as well as closely reading the text. Bob designed the exercises to weaken the existing imprints and to help the experimenter become a self-metaprogrammer, reimprinting the nervous system as each individual sees fit. In addition this class will explore alternatives to the eight circuit/system/dimension model. Please join Eric Wagner on this six week mission, to explore strange new worlds and new civilizations, both within and without ourselves, to boldly go where no one has gone before.
I always recommend workshops with Antero Alli, who will run an Astrologik class [Astrologik Sept 22 - Nov 2 Antero Alli ].

For the full schedule you need to go to the MLA forum, or here (to register)., or read through the course details here. Note: I hope the interface for the classes works more smoothly than the general forum. I'd welcome any feedback from recent students, as I haven't done a course for a while, and have nostalgia for the fun we had when everything worked smoothly.
Ah, the good old days!
NEWS FLASH! The limited edition hard copy of Maybe Quarterly does seem imminent now, so if you want a copy contact your favourite MLA graduate, or watch this space. Or maybe take a long shot on finding one on a park bench near you - through serendipity and synchronicity, or magick (if that's yer thing). I like the idea of putting some copies on Book Crossing, so we can track their adventures.


tons said...

I'd like to get a HARD copy and I'd prefer to find it in the mail rather than on a park bench or the book crossing tree shelves down the road. what do I have to do?

Bogus Magus said...

Hi Tons, yeah I didn't mean to sound mysterious, heh heh...

I have emailed you, and copied el8ed1 into the email so he knows who you are. He made them, and will be sending them out from the USA.

Right now they don't cost you anything, so if you send him your street address he'll mail you a copy (and some for local bookshops or MLAers, RAW fans, etc if you ask).

The distribution process may become more efficient when we get going! :-)

We may eventually set up a way to compensate him for his mail costs, but right now he plans to do the whole thing as a magnificent gesture! And I don't think of that as an exaggeration - we could never have done it at all without his original 'offer we couldn't refuse'. 5000 copies for free!

The random distribution method (leaving them on trains, or smuggling them onto bookshop shelves next to RAW books, or hiding them in your local library, etc) should only supplement targeted distribution. I'd love to get at least one copy into every country in the world, say...

So, just ask!

tons said...

cool, I just did :-) thanks, bogus!


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