Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Neurologic course postponed

Robert Anton Wilson Sad news! RAW has felt 'as sick as a dog' recently, so his upcoming course has got postponed indefinitely.

We all wish him well and send him our best magical wishes, and hope to continue promoting his work with all our energy.

Get Well Soon, Bob!

I have decided to try to get an informal group going to run an unofficial version of the course within the general forum. At least we can share what we already learned from Bob, and work up the material a bit, so we feel better prepared when he does run his course. You can join the General Forum for $60 per year (although it comes free if you sign up for a course). TaoI have already posted my own summaries of what I understand so far about General Semantics, and about Ideograms. I may even post them here (or elsewhere) given that some people don't have $60. I should go and finish my piece for the Solstice edition of MQ first!

Be Seeing You!

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